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Petting Zoo Insurance

Petting Zoo Canada Insurance
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Petting zoos are many children’s first experience with farm animals up close. It’s an ideal location for them to learn more about these creatures and about agriculture in general, making petting zoos an invaluable part of childhood for countless kids. It’s possible you are a farmer who saw an opportunity to make additional income by adding the experience of a petting zoo as well as tractor or animal rides, fruit or vegetable picking, mazes, natural playgrounds or feeding and viewing animals to your operation. 

As a petting zoo owner, there are many additional risks that you should protect yourself from in order to ensure you can continue to provide this magical experience for your customers.

Insurance needed by petting zoos in Canada 

Petting Zoo Canada Insurance
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As the owner of a petting zoo in Canada, you need to protect yourself against claims that could have a big impact on your ability to maintain your business. Depending on the nature of your business – whether it’s a standalone location or part of your farm – you may need different coverage and should speak to an ALIGNED agent to determine your individual needs. 

Here are some of the insurance coverage options that should be considered for all petting zoos: 

  • General Liability Insurance – this type of coverage is a necessary part of your insurance portfolio and the most common type for businesses. Also called Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance, this policy covers any bodily injury or property damage that clients may suffer from your operations while on the premises of the petting zoo including injuries caused by animals biting customers. 
  • Commercial Property Insurance – this insurance covers the buildings and other property that house your business from such threats as fire, flood, and theft or burglary. This insurance will cover the costs of replacing your property. 
  • Small Business Umbrella Insurance coverage -this type of coverage is designed for the unexpected. If your primary commercial liability coverage is exhausted by a claim, this coverage will step in to fill coverage gaps and protect your assets in claims exceed the limits of the underlying policies. 
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – this is a necessity if you or your employees drive company vehicles as part of your petting zoo operation.

What are some scenarios that demonstrate the need for petting zoo insurance?

  1. A child falls off a tractor ride and injures herself. 
  2. An animal bites a parent who is attempting to feed it. 
  3. A horse escapes your barn and damages a customer’s car in the parking lot. 

The right petting zoo insurance coverage for you 

Your Petting Zoo business is as unique as you are, and your insurance coverage needs to follow suit. ALIGNED Insurance agents work with Canada’s best companies to provide custom, affordable coverage that is best suited to your business. ALIGNED will help you save money and time by shopping around for the best insurance rates for you and find the coverage that is specifically tailored to you and your business. 

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