Periodontist Office Insurance

As a specialist for procedures related to gums, gum disease and dental implants, keeping your business safe should be one of your first priorities for running your clinic. Because you provide specialized services, work on very sensitive areas and use powerful tools and equipment, there are costly financial risks involved with your helping your patients and operating clinic.

Whether an unexpected disaster results in expensive repairs or replacement to equipment or machinery or a patient sues the clinic itslef for injuries, periodontist office insurance can protect you and your clinic. Insurance helps with potential medical bills, legal defence fees, settlements, awards, and repairs that would otherwise be unexpected and expensive to pay out-of-pocket

With periodontist office insurance from ALIGNED, you can choose an insurance policy that works best for your practice and clinic. We partner with many of Canada’s leading insurance companies to offer you a variety of coverages, limits and products to suit your needs.

Periodontist Office Insurance
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Why Is Periodontist Office Insurance Important?

As a periodontist, you face unique challenges and risks. There is always the possibility of lawsuits and third-party liability claims naming the clinic in addition to you and/or the periodontist doing the work. And when something unexpected happens, you could face expensive bills or even the possibility of bankruptcy.

Here are some scenarios where periodontist office insurance can protect your business:

  • A patient visits your clinic and breaks their wrist from falling on the slippery floors.
  • A hacker accesses confidential patient health and payment information through your database.
  • Your equipment is damaged by sewer back and needs to be replaced. 
  • There’s a fire in your clinic and you can’t operate during constructions and repairs.

Without insurance, any of these unexpected events could cause financial loss or bankruptcy for your clinic. It’s important to have comprehensive periodontist office insurance to ensure you can mitigate financial risks.

What Does Periodontist Office Insurance Include?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – protect your business against third-party claims of libel, slander, false advertising, property damage, and injuries. It also typically includes a product liability insurance policy, which is beneficial since you provide, and maybe produce, dental implants.

Professional Liability Insurance – protects your clinic against claims of error, negligence, omissions associated with the work done to your patients by you or the periodontists who work for the clinic .

Commercial Property Insurance – protects your assets against damage in the event of a fire, vandalism, flood, or other covered perils that are beyond your control.

Cyber Liability Insurance – when accessing sensitive client information and company intel, cyber liability insurance can protect your business against the loss that your client suffers if their information becomes publicly available.

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