Parish Insurance

Parish Insurance

Parish insurance is just a click away thanks to ALIGNED. ALIGNED Insurance has a team of commercial insurance experts eager to match your parish with the best possible insurance coverage.

Parish Insurance

Important insurance coverage for your parish

Start protecting your parish today by investing in quality insurance coverage. Though parish insurance policies vary, we recommend starting with the following coverages: 

  • Commercial general liability insurance: Commercial general liability insurance is important for all organizations as it can protect you against claims of third party bodily injury and property damage. Should a claim or lawsuit be brought against your parish, your insurer may step in and cover medical expenses, repair bills, legal fees, and more.
  • Commercial property insurance: Commercial property insurance protects the physical building your parish is located in and its business-related contents from property damage caused by an insured peril. Insured perils may include windstorms, fire, theft, water damage, vandalism etc., and it is up to you to decide which perils to include in your policy. 
  • Abuse liability insurance: Abuse liability insurance is designed to protect organizations against claims alleging abuse or misconduct. With this type of coverage, your insurance company may help pay the costs associated with fighting a lawsuit alleging abuse and/or any potential judgements or settlements. 
  • Professional liability insurance: If your parish provides advice or counsel to your congregation, professional liability insurance is critical. This type of coverage can protect you if a member of your congregation files a lawsuit against you claiming negligence, misconduct, failure to deliver a service as promised, etc. 
  • Directors & officers insurance: If your parish is a registered non-profit and has a board of directors, adding directors & officers coverage could be important as it can cover the cost of a lawsuit if any of your members are sued.

What factors influence the cost of parish insurance?

You can expect the following factors to influence how much your parish insurance policy costs: 

  • The size and location of your parish
  • Your claims history
  • The services your parish provides, including if your parish is used for other purposes (e.g. as an event space)  
  • The annual and projected revenue of your parish (if applicable) 
  • The average number of attendees at your parish’s services and events
  • Your years of experience as a religious leader
  • The deductibles, coverages, and limits you wish to include with your policy

Contact ALIGNED to obtain a parish insurance quote and learn more about your insurance coverage options

Ready to protect your parish with comprehensive commercial insurance? You are in the right place. ALIGNED is here to help you find the right policy for your parish. We will shop around for you, provide you with an accurate estimate, and offer expert advice on the best coverage for your parish. Get in touch with ALIGNED to learn more or click here for a free quote.

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