Ontario Commercial Automobile Insurance Coverage

Ontario Commercial Automobile Insurance Coverage

Ontario commercial automobile insurance coverage is a significant cost for any business, but it is also a very important service and product to help protect your business from the liability associated with Ontario commercial vehicle accidents and to cover the cost of repairs, replacement vehicles etc. if your Ontario commercial vehicle is damaged.

Ontario Commercial Automobile Insurance Coverage Options

When most people think about Ontario commercial automobile insurance coverage they think about protection from being named in a lawsuit for injuries or damages caused to a third party or coverage for physical damage to the commercial vehicle itself.  However, there are numerous other Ontario commercial auto insurance coverage features available that are less known, but can be of significant value to business owners regardless of whether they have 1 or 100 commercial vehicles.

OPCF 20a Transportation Replacement/Downtime Coverage

When a commercial vehicle is damaged it often means that a business owner is not able to generate revenue as their business may be dependent on travelling to clients, delivering things and/or the vehicle may contain special equipment which isn’t easily or quickly replaced.  In this case, it’s important that your Ontario insurance broker discuss options around adding the OPCF 20a Endorsement to your Ontario commercial automobile insurance coverage.  The OPCF 20a endorsement is a low-cost addition that can have huge benefits to various business owners.

Unique Ontario Commercial Automobile Insurance Coverage Considerations

Usage-Based auto insurance is available from numerous Ontario commercial auto insurance coverage providers including Intact Insurance and others, which not only provides increased tracking, management and accountability tools for business owners and/or managers but can also result in significant cost reductions of up t0 25%!

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