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Did solving cases while driving a red convertible sports car around jaw-droppingly beautiful Hawaiian locations inspire your career choice? If it did, chances are you know that insurance in Canada isn’t an option when you work as a licensed private investigator. In fact, according to Ontario’s Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005, private investigators’ insurance is a mandatory requirement for licensing as a professional PI. While legislative requirements vary by province, your need for specialized professional liability insurance as a private investigator is nothing short of…elementary.

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Time is of the essence when you gather information for a client. Long hours, unusual working circumstances and potentially risky situations are your everyday norm. When you take covert photos of surveillance subjects, dig through dumpsters to find clues or search online for leads, your work as a private investigator can quickly lead to all sorts of interesting exposures.

This is why ALIGNED offers insurance for private investigators. You can go online anytime to get multiple key risks covered…instantly.

Below, you’ll find a sampling of what you can expect to find included within your private investigators coverage. To delve a little deeper and understand the nuances of each type of liability coverage, simply click on the links.

If and when things go sideways in an investigation, your coverage will respond to a potential lawsuit or other claims situation. This is why it’s good to know that ALIGNED insurance for private investigators always includes access to a Legal Advice Phone Line as a standard feature. You can also rest assured that your Contents and specific deductibles for a claim related to a flood, earthquake, water damage or equipment breakdown situation will be clearly outlined in your policy.

In the know. What’s required to get online private investigators insurance.

To get things rolling, you just need to provide some basic details about your private investigation business operations. Our insurance product quickly identifies the day-to-day risks you face as a private investigator and creates coverage that responds to your exposures. From quoting to policy issuance, the entire buying process can be done online, saving you and your business valuable time.

Take note. Here’s some questions you’ll need to answer to get your online insurance for private investigators.

  1. Do you use a drone as part of your business activities?
  2. How much general liability insurance would you like?
  3. How much coverage would you like for your contents?
  4. What was your annual gross revenue for the last completed fiscal year?
  5. Do you want coverage for a privacy or security breach?
  6. Is anyone at your organization inexperienced (less than two years of experience)?
  7. Do you require insurance for a building?
  8. What trade associations or chamber of commerce groups are you a member of? (optional)
  9. Do you currently have a Commercial General Liability or Errors and Omissions insurance policy with Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company?
  10. Do you have any physical premises or employees outside of Canada?
  11. In the past 12 months, was more than 25% of your revenue generated from outside of Canada?
  12. Have you ever been declined, non-renewed or cancelled by an insurer for Professional Liability insurance?
  13. In the past five years, have you ever had a claim or lawsuit made against you arising out of the performance of professional services?
  14. Do you have knowledge or information of any fact, circumstance or situation which could reasonably give rise to a claim which would fall within the scope of the proposed insurance?
  15. Do you provide financial auditing services?
  16. Does your business have multiple office locations?

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