Free Commercial Insurance Audit

Free Commercial Insurance Audit

Thankfully the expert insurance brokers at ALIGNED Insurance are willing to offer you a free commercial insurance audit because commercial insurance is complex and policy documents can range from 25 to 125+ pages! In addition, to the extensive amounts of documentation commercial insurance policies are basically written in a different language…that is the language of insurance. Without appropriate training and practice, that is offered by specialized education organizations, insurance policies can seem misleading, odd and/or confusing especially when they are attempted to be read like a book from start to finish. Other unique aspects of commercial insurance policies are:

  • Bold terms have special definitions
  • Definitions themselves often include bold terms which reference other definitions
  • Exclusions supersede coverage that is provided elsewhere in a policy
  • In some cases exclusions can actually carve back/broaden coverage

What’s Included In The Free Commercial Insurance Audit?

The commercial insurance experts at ALIGNED Insurance have extensive experience in all sorts of industries and geographies across Canada. They offer a free audit to help you better understand what your organization is and isn’t covered for and actually take the time to read the entire policy when preparing each audit. Each free commercial insurance audit includes some or all of the following:

  • Review of each insuring agreement to properly determine the scope of coverage
  • testing of all definitions
  • Analysis of the impact of each exclusion
  • Highlighting concerning coverages and exclusions given your organizations operations
  • Identification of uninsured exposures
  • Benchmarking of coverage against peers
  • Benchmarking of coverage against other insurers
  • Benchmarking of limits and sublimits against peers

How Do I Get A Free Commercial Insurance Audit?

Getting an audit is easy. Just email a copy of your current insurance policy or policies to with Free Commercial Insurance Audit as the subject line and an ALIGNED Insurance Advocate will touch base to conduct the audit for you.

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