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Insurance for Web Development

Insurance for Web Development

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Web developers and other professionals that do web development work are an important part of the team for many businesses. Where there is a need for creating a website, whether you are a retail company, a technology company, or a bank, web development is needed to build out the website for the internet or intranet. Developers might have access to confidential information, large databases, internal project requirements, and other resources. Although web developers are great at their craft and can create stunning websites with amazing functionality, mistakes can still happen. The damage and financial loss can result in costly liability or litigation.

With insurance for web development from ALIGNED, web developers and designers can protect themselves and their business against incurring risks.

Why is Insurance for Web Development Important?

Insurance for Web Development
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Web developers and designers are creating a site that represents an individual or a business’s brand and voice. There’s a lot for web development professionals to think about and mistakes can be costly.

  • A client is unsatisfied with the website or claims the promised services weren’t delivered.
  • The website is developed poorly and a cyber attack causes the client to suffer data damages and financial loss.
  • You store client information in online databases while developing their website and your computer suffers a cyber attack or equipment malfunction and customers personal information is accidentally accessed by a third party. 

Having the right insurance for web development will help protect you and your business against the repercussions for risks.

What Does Insurance for Web Development Include?

Cyber liability insurance – when storing sensitive client information and company intel in your online databases while developing their website, your computer software or hardware can suffer from a cyber attack that could result in a data breach. Cyber liability insurance can protect your business against the loss that your client suffers and other related costs.

Commercial general liability insurance – essential for web development professionals, commercial general liability insurance can protect your business against third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage. For example, claims of libel, slander, false advertising, slip and falls, damage to rented office space etc.

Professional liability insurance – as a web development professional, you provide specialized services that’s specific to the requirements of your clients. If you misunderstand their instructions or deliver a poorly designed website, clients can be unsatisfied with your service or even suffer financial loss. Having enough professional liability insurance can protect you against claims of error, negligence, omissions, or other failure to deliver promised services.

Equipment breakdown insurance – your computers or server might suffer mechanical breakdowns or other internal failures that result in business interruption or loss of work. Equipment breakdown insurance can help cover the cost of repairs and replacements.

Find the Right Insurance for Web Development Professionals with ALIGNED

ALIGNED works with Canada’s top insurance companies to provide custom insurance packages at affordable prices. Contact an ALIGNED commercial insurance specialist for a free quote, or use our free online tool.

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