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How Do I Get Liability Insurance For My Business In Canada?

How Do I Get Liability Insurance For My Business In Canada? - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Liability Insurance Canada | How to get coverage for your business

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When you are starting or running a business you have a lot to take care of and knowing who you can trust and where to go to get the products, services & advice you need can be the difference between success and failure. 

If you are asking the question how do i get liability insurance for my business in Canada than you came to right place and you don’t need to look any further! ALIGNED Insurance is a business insurance brokerage that exclusively specializes in commercial insurance. 

Our team of expert business insurance professionals will explain and take care of everything so you don’t have to ask how do I get liability insurance for my business in Canada any more.

How Do I Get Liability Insurance For My Business In Canada? - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

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So…how do I get business liability insurance Canada?

There are many places trying to “sell” you liability insurance, but who, where and how much liability insurance you purchase are important decisions and shouldn’t be made lightly. 

Below are the steps that we encourage all business owners to consider when purchasing liability insurance.

ONE. Educate yourself on the product.

There are many different types of liability insurance that cover very different things. Make sure you are getting the product you want and need. Liability insurance products include:

TWO. Consider who you are buying business liability insurance Canada from.

Who is distributing the product and do they have the experience, expertise post purchase support/service etc. that fits your needs and preferences. As well, what is the insurance company you are getting coverage from and what is their reputation, product quality, financial stability etc.

THREE. Find out what information is needed to get liability insurance for your business. 

Depending on the industry, geography, products, services etc you offer the information needed to get liability insurance for your business in Canada can differ dramatically.

FOUR. Get options. And ask for recommendations.

Insurance brokers like ALIGNED Insurance are fiercely independent and do the shopping around for you. We approach some of the 65+ top Canadian insurers we do business with to find you the best value and options. And last but not least, get a recommendation from an insurance professional that knows your business, industry and the product being presented.

We are about much more than just business insurance…

Since day one at ALIGNED Insurance, we’ve taken pride in delivering a different insurance experience to Canadian business. 

Our focus on providing important insurance insights here on our website, through our e-newsletter ALIGNMENT Matters and our social media channels will always be a cornerstone of our business. 

And here’s some more about us…

We are 100% Canadian owned. And we’re proud to be a premiere insurance brokerage that currently serves more than 1,600 clients across this country. First and foremost, we believe that aligning insurance experts to business needs is one of the most important things an insurance broker can do to support their clients.

We are proud to support businesses across Canada. In addition to a national operations centre in Cambridge, Ontario, we have offices in Toronto, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, BC.

We are in growth mode, most recently acquiring Precept Insurance & Risk Management. Three well-established brokerage firms (with roots going back to 1912) came together in 1998 to found Precept.

We are proud to align with our past, present and future as business insurance brokers Canada. 

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ALIGNED brokers understand the nuances of commercial insurance coverages and can help you make informed decisions about your business insurance options. Bookmark our insurance info blog to keep current with Canadian insurance insights.

It’s time to get insurance value and choice aligned. Want Canadian business insurance that aligns with your bottom line? We can help. 365. Call us toll-free at 1-866-287-0448 or click to Get a Quote!

We’re ALIGNED across Canada. The ALIGNED Insurance National Operations Centre in Cambridge, Ontario supports our Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver offices. Our industry peers consistently recognize us as one of Canada’s best insurance teams. 100% Canadian-owned, we are super proud to be one of the fastest-growing insurance brokerages in the country.

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