Eyelash Extension Insurance

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What is Eyelash Extension Insurance?

As an eyelash extension expert, you are trained in the fine detail of working to beautify your clients. These cosmetic treatments are in ever-increasing demand as part of Canada’s growing multi-billion dollar beauty industry. How can you best protect your in-demand business and professional services?

A lash technician with eyelash extension insurance applying lash extensions to a client.
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We know that with any personal care treatment comes an element of risk. When extending your client’s eyelashes with products and lash adhesive to add pigment to the skin, you are involved in intricate work. After all, you are dealing with a wide variety of clients and with a delicate physical area of the body. Although you’re a trained eyelash extension professional, you need a risk management strategy in the form of eyelash extension insurance to protect your business.

As a lash technician, you face risks associated with both the treatments you give and the equipment and products you use. Eyelash Extension Insurance protects you as the eyelash technician against risks you face as you perform your work on your clients’ delicate eye areas.

What does Eyelash Extension Insurance cover? 

While your business is different from other eyelash extension providers, you need to consider a comprehensive insurance package that includes coverage in the following areas: 

Commercial General Liability Insurance: This coverage protects you against third-party claims, such as slip-and-fall injury or property damage. 

Product Liability Insurance: This insurance policy protects you against risks associated with the products you use in eyelash extensions and microblading. Each client is different, and you have to be prepared for allergic reactions, chemical burns, and other scenarios. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Commercial Property Insurance: This coverage protects your business premises and the property inside from risks like fire, theft, or vandalism. This coverage also typically includes business interruption insurance, which covers income loss following an insured event. 

Cyber Liability Insurance: This coverage protects your business in the event that you lose any online assets or customer information due to a data loss or malicious cyber attack. 

Do I need insurance as a lash Tech? 

Yes! Lash Technicians and other estheticians should have insurance to protect themselves and their businesses. Working with clients’ delicate eye areas carries a specific risk to this type of practitioner, as do some of the equipment and products involved in this work. Eyelash Extensions Insurance protects against the risks faced by specialists in this area and allows them to perform their craft worry-free. A variety of things can happen during everyday eyelash extensions and other work, some of which may not be the technician’s fault. Having the right insurance in place means you are covered in many different scenarios, and you won’t have to pay out of pocket for damages or bodily injury to your clients or your business.

What Are Some Scenarios Where You Would Require Lash Tech Insurance?

  • Your client has an allergic reaction to one of the materials you use to enhance their eyelashes and experiences a prolonged and painful reaction. In the event your client sues you for bodily harm, your Product Liability Insurance could cover your legal costs and any medical fees incurred by the customer.
  • One of your workers spills water on the floor of your salon and your client slips and falls. Your Commercial General Liability Insurance could kick in to cover any action brought by your client against you, including any medical or legal fees.

The amount and type of coverage you require for your Eyelash Extension or other beauty business will depend on your particular circumstances and business setup.

How Much Does Insurance for a Lash Technician Cost?

The cost of Eyelash Extension Insurance depends on a few factors related to your business but will likely be between $400-$1,000 for roughly $2 million in liability coverage. Several factors will determine where a business lies on this pay scale, such as the number of employees, the size and scope of the business, the number of years in business, the business’s annual and project revenues, and whether or not there have been claims made against the business in the past. Speaking with an ALIGNED Insurance specialist regarding your particular business model will help determine the potential costs of Eyelash Extension Technician Insurance.

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