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Door Installation Company Insurance

Door Installation Company Insurance
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Whether in your showroom or at a client’s home or business, the door installation business comes with several risks. Our insurance packages for door installation companies are customized to meet your exact business needs and help protect you from those risks.  

Door Installation Companies – Basic Liability Insurance Coverages That Can Protect Your Business

Door Installation Company Insurance
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Commercial General Liability Insurance – Commercial general liability insurance can cover your door installation company for the costs stemming from injuries to third parties and property damage that your company would otherwise be liable for. 

Commercial general liability insurance can also cover your door installation business for lawyer’s fees, defence costs, settlements and judgements against you for lawsuits alleging personal injuries, property damage, false advertising, libel and slander. 

Real claim example 1: You or one of your installers accidentally spills paint on an unprotected and expensive carpet or hardwood floor.

Real claim example 2: A potential customer slips, falls on your showroom floor and breaks a wrist.

Real claim example 3: You or one of your installers leaves a saw unattended and a client’s child plays with it and suffers a serious laceration.

In the above cases, a CGL policy could cover the property damage costs, healthcare costs and legal expenses including out-of-court settlements and awards for damages if your client decides to sue for damages.

Pollution Liability Insurance – If you manufacture or finish doors, transport paints and varnishes and are responsible for proper disposal of hazardous materials, pollution liability insurance can provide your door installation company with coverage for cleanup costs, fines and legal expenses related to spills, improper waste disposal and pollution liability.

Other Insurance Coverages Your Door Installation Company May Need

Property Insurance – can protect your door installation company from the costs to repair or replace the structures on your property (including the area of your home dedicated to your home-based installation company) and the contents within such as tools, equipment, machinery, lumber & other supplies in case of theft, fire, flooding, windstorms and other perils. 

You can also add coverage to protect your door installation tools and equipment while in transit or on the job site.

Commercial Auto Insurance / Commercial Vehicle Insurance – we can provide individual and fleet coverage for your trucks, vans and any other vehicles owned by your door installation company that need to be insured.

Get ALIGNED with Door Installation Company Insurance brokered by commercial insurance specialists.

Insuring businesses is all we do. We work with Canada’s top insurance companies to get you comprehensive coverage that protects your door installation business at the best possible rates. 

Contact an ALIGNED advocate to get a free quote on door installation company insurance in minutes or get started right away by using our free online tool.

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