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Dietician Insurance

Dieticians and nutritionists have a lot of responsibilities on their plate, improving the nutrition and overall health of Canadians. Dieticians conduct research, provide patient consultations, develop customized meal plans, and evaluate nutritional care plans to ensure clients are getting the quality of life they deserve. There’s a lot of stress and risks involved in the job. One wrong move and your practice can be at risk of liability, litigation, and third-party claims.

Whether you are an independent dietician, work at a clinic, or operate your own office, equipping your business with the right dietician insurance can help you mitigate the damages and losses associated with those risks.

Why is Dietician Insurance Important?

Dietician Insurance
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Any time you advise clients, there are risks associated with prescribing the advice. Everyone reacts differently to nutritional advice, and despite precautions and careful assessments, there are still things that can go wrong.

  • A client’s health declines because of your services.
  • Administrative errors that cause advice given to be harmful rather than beneficial.
  • A client doesn’t experience any improvements after using your services.
  • You include food that your client can’t eat due to an allergy in their nutritional plan, which triggers a reaction.

You might not think about these risks, but insurance can protect your business when the unexpected happens.

What Does Dietician Insurance Include?

The coverage of your dietician insurance depends on the exact type of services you provide and the risks you are exposed to at work.

However, you can find dietitian insurance to typically include:

Commercial General Liability Insurance – Also known as CGL insurance, commercial general liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage clients suffer from as a result of using the services a dietician business provides.

Professional Liability Insurance – Even the best of the best make mistakes. But if your mistakes or good intentions cause clients to not get the results you promise or they suffer damages, emotional distress, allergic reactions, and/or financial losses, there could be lawsuits. Professional liability insurance covers situations where your advice and/or mistakes cause losses.

Products Liability Insurance – If you also manufacture or sell products to your clients, products liability insurance will protect you from claims against property damage or bodily injuries (i.e. health decline or an allergic reaction) that your products cause.

Commercial Property Insurance – There are risks of damage to your commercial property and equipment. If a fire or theft results in losses and damages to your assets, commercial property insurance can provide compensation for repairs and replacements.

Cyber Liability Insurance – This is important if you store patient health records, medical reports, test results, provide services online or rely on online platforms to interact with clients in any way. It can cover claims of copyright, data breaches, defamation accusations, etc.

Why is Commercial General Liability Insurance Important for a Dietician?

Commercial General Liability Insurance is also called CGL Insurance. It’s a broad insurance policy that provides liability protection for general business risks that a company might encounter during daily operations.

It protects your business from financial losses if you are ever liable for property damage or bodily and advertising injuries caused by your services, business operations, or your employees.

Commercial General Liability Insurance is important for dieticians because dieticians are directly responsible for the well-being and health of their clients. Especially in the health and wellness industry, there are tons of risks involved, and unexpected events can happen at any time that might cause irreversible damages to your business.

Imagine the following scenarios:

Example 1: A client arrives at your clinic. The floors of your office are wet and they slip and fall, resulting in a broken back. The client is injured and proceeds to sue you for causing bodily injury.

Example 2: You prescribed a meal plan and nutritional supplements to one of your clients. The client has a severe allergic reaction to the supplements you prescribed and proceeds to sue you for causing them to fall ill.

If your dietician business didn’t have Commercial General Liability Insurance, you would have to pay out-of-pocket for the legal and medical fees incurred in either of these scenarios. However, with Commercial General Liability Insurance, the legal and medical fees would be covered.

What is Professional Liability Insurance for Dieticians?

Professional Liability Insurance is also called Malpractice Insurance or Errors and Omissions Insurance and is very important for any business in the health and wellness industry.

It protects dieticians from third-party claims alleging financial loss resulting from any services provided for compensation. Professional Liability Insurance also covers any lawsuits alleging negligence, failure to deliver promised services, omissions, and misconduct.

For example, you notice that your client has a pre-existing condition that you proceed to ignore and their health worsens as a result of your services. You could be sued for negligence and pay large amounts of money for defence and medical fees and settlements.

Professional Liability Insurance ensures that the defence fees, medical fees, and monetary judgment are covered and your business is protected.

How Much is Liability Insurance for a Dietician?

The cost of any liability insurance can vary significantly depending on several factors. The same concept applies to liability insurance for a dietician.

Factors that could have an impact on insurance premiums include:

  • Specialization
  • Training and experience
  • Clinic location
  • Annual and projected revenue
  • Claims history
  • Services provided

Other factors can include whether you operate as a freelance dietician since there are other risk factors that insurance companies must consider.

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