Dental Supply Store Insurance

Dental supply stores and wholesalers face unique challenges when operating. While ensuring the quality and regulation of the products you provide to dental offices and clinics, you also have to ensure you are operating your business thoughtful and minimizing risk wherever possible.

Like any business, your supply store could face lawsuits or third-party liability claims arising from unexpected events. For example, a dental office could sue you for selling faulty dental products or a customer could sue you for injuring themselves in your store or while you are on a sales visit.

With dental supply store insurance from ALIGNED, you stay protected against potential financial loss arising from these unexpected events. We partner with many of Canada’s leading insurance companies to provide various comprehensive insurance policies and coverages and limits to meet your needs, preferences and budget.

We can help you mitigate your financial risk of operating a dental supply store so you can serve customers with confidence.

Dental Supply Store Insurance
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Why Is Dental Supply Store Insurance Important?

Dental supply stores should have comprehensive insurance policies to protect themselves against financial loss in the event of a lawsuit or third-party claim. Whether you just sell or also manufacture the products you distribute, insurance can save your business in unexpected situations. Otherwise, financial damages could force your store to close due to the financial impact of an unexpected and insured claim.

Here are some scenarios where dental supply store insurance can protect your business:

  • A customer walks into your store and breaks their back because the floors were slippery.
  • A dental office sues you for selling faulty dental supplies, or for sending the wrong supplies.
  • Your warehouse could be subject to vandalism, theft, a flood, or a fire.
  • You are named in a lawsuit against on of your major suppliers for products sold.

What Does Dental Supply Store Insurance Include?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – Also called CGL insurance,  this coverage is one of the most common and popular business insurance products.  It provides coverage for injuries and property damages occurring to a third party during your business operations.

Product Liability Coverage  Product liability insurance protects your business against liability and damages resulting from the products you sell at your hearing aid store. For example, if a customer suffers injury or property damage as a result of a defective product from your store, product liability coverage can cover medical expenses, settlement awards, etc.

Property Insurance – Although you might not have it on your shelves or in your store or warehouse for long you in most cases you are still responsible for insuring property/inventory while it’s in your care, custody and control.  This is where commercial property insurance steps into help by covering insured assets from damage or destruction from perils like fire, flood, water etc.

Find The Right Dental Supply Store Insurance From ALIGNED

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