Cyber Breaches Increase 60 per cent in 2015

Cyber Breaches Up a Staggering 60% in 2015   

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Data breaches can be a devastating event, affecting a company financially and damaging its reputation with customers. And if you are a director or officer, you could face litigation risks based on the decisions you make following a breach and on how you influence cyber security policies, as these are often considered board-level issues.

A recent Insurance Business Canada article notes that “Specialized data breach response insurer Beazley has published its annual insights report and reveals that it responded to 60 per cent more incidents in 2015 than the previous year.”

Did You Know? More specifically, the companies that your company does business with create risk. Insurance Business Canada reports that “breaches involving third party vendors tripled to 18 per cent in 2015.”2

If a suit is filed against you after a data breach occurs, based on your position as a board member, you will not be protected by your commercial general liability policy or your cyber liability policy. Your best source of protection is from your directors and officers (D&O) policy, as long as your policy is tailored to include protection after a data breach.

Cyber Breaches Pose Many Personal & Bottom-Line Threats

The biggest threat from a cyber breach is loss of data, whether it is information regarding your company’s finances or the personal identification information of your customers, such as Social Insurance numbers or credit card information.

Losing sensitive data that belongs to your customers or company can have a devastating effect on your reputation. If the credit card information of your customers is stolen, your customers would need to cancel their cards and get new ones—an inconvenient process and one that can damage your company’s image in the eyes of customers.

Taking Action After A Cyber Breach.  Following a data breach, you may be legally required to notify certain people about it. For example, if your company is publicly traded, guidelines issued by some regulators say you must report cyber security incidents to stockholders. The cost of notification after a breach is generally covered by a cyber liability policy. And, depending on the number of people you need to notify, the cost can be quite high.

Notification should be taken very seriously, as the way a company responds to a cyber breach can lead to exposure and legal action beyond lawsuits from customers.

Cyber Breaches and D&O Coverage

Insufficient cyber security that leaves your company vulnerable to a data breach can be seen by your customers or shareholders as negligence or a breach of duty. Your customers and shareholders may seek to hold you responsible for the damage, as the board is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the company. Because of this, you need protection in the form of a D&O policy.

In past legal cases following a cyber breach, directors and officers have been accused of:

  • Failing to take reasonable steps to protect customers’ personal and financial information
  • Failing to implement controls to detect and prevent a data breach
  • Failing to report a breach in a timely manner

A cyber liability policy would not offer the legal protection needed by directors and officers after a data breach, whereas a D&O policy can.  A D&O policy provides coverage for a “wrongful act,” such as an actual or alleged error, omission, misleading statement, act of neglect or breach of duty.

Cyber Breach Risks Without D&O Insurance

After a cyber breach, claims from shareholders and customers will most likely be made. Since you can be held personally responsible for the acts of the company as a board member, your plans and decisions need to be protected.

Without D&O coverage, your personal assets are at stake and could be forfeited to cover legal costs. You can protect yourself with a D&O insurance policy. Talk to an ALIGNED Advocate today about this type of coverage and be sure your policy is tailored to cover any gaps.

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