Cyber-attacks, Microsoft Security And Your Insurance Webinar

Worried about cyber-attacks, Microsoft security and your insurance? You are not alone…

[WEBINAR alert] It seems like every other day another cyber-attack or privacy breach is making headlines. CBC News just broke news about a ‘definite uptick’ in ransomware attacks hitting Canadian organizations. Here’s what happened:

“When a Toronto dentist learned last week that his office’s computer network had been attacked with ransomware, it felt like a “violation.” “It was terrible,” he said. “My wife was even nervous about sleeping at home.” Staff were locked out of digital files for at least a day and had to take notes on paper. The dentist said files on 19 out of the clinic’s 22 computers became encrypted.”1

“A message left on the infected machines read “Ryuk,” identifying the ransomware as the same strain that recently hit three Ontario hospitals and health-care facilities in Alabama and Australia. “We were really lucky,” the Toronto dentist said. “At least we had a good backup.”2

“Ransomware typically encrypts files, with attackers demanding a digital currency payment from victims in order to release the data. Ryuk, a form of ransomware first reported in 2018, allows hackers to view a computer’s files and gather information for several weeks, unbeknownst to its victims.”3

1,2,3 CBC News: ‘Definite uptick’: Global wave of ransomware attacks hitting Canadian organizations

If you work in the Microsoft cloud or are thinking about it, there’s a lot to be learned about how Microsoft cloud and all native tools can help keep your information secure.

Webinar about Microsoft security, cyber insurance and breach response in Canada

ALIGNED is partnering with CrucialLogics and Cytelligence to demystify the standardization, savings and security that come with deploying your Microsoft cloud with all native tools. On Wednesday, November 13 at 1:00 pm EST learn from industry experts how to:

  • Maximize your Microsoft security investment
  • Prepare for a cyber-attack or privacy breach
  • Understand how the right incident response expertise can lower liability risks
  • Choose the best cyber insurance that will respond when you need it most

This 45-minute webinar is moderated by Paul Assaad, an IT Security leader with extensive experience in multiple industries. Paul has implemented security strategies for multiple clients and Canadian businesses. Assaad sat on the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX) board for a number of years and is currently Associate Partner, CBR SAFE.

Microsoft security, cyber insurance and breach response webinar features a panel of Canadian experts

Andrew Clark, President and CEO, ALIGNED:  Widely recognized as one of Canada’s most knowledgeable insurance professionals, Clark uses his expertise to protect the cash flow, profitability and balance sheets of ALIGNED clients from unforeseeable losses.

Ed Dubrovsky, Managing Director, Cyber Breach Response, Cytelligence: Cyber security expert Dubrovsky brings more than 24 years of experience to Cytelligence and its clients, specializing in the information security and technology fields.

Amol Joshi, Partner Enterprise Solutions, CrucialLogicsA seasoned executive with a track record of managing high risk and strategic security projects Joshi preaches the practical side of security through standardization and process vs. heavy investments in various solutions.

4 CBC News: ‘Definite uptick’: Global wave of ransomware attacks hitting Canadian organizations

Worried about cyber-attacks? ALIGNED brokers understand Canadian cyber risks and coverage options.

RSVP now to attend the November 13, 1 pm EST webinar about cyber-attacks, Microsoft security and your insurance. To learn more about what you can do to get commercial cyber coverage for your Canadian business aligned, contact an ALIGNED Insurance broker.

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Crucial Logics: November 13 webinar about maximizing Microsoft security, cyber insurance and breach response

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