Cross Border Insurance Coverage

While there are thousands of Canadian businesses that enjoy local or national success, for those companies that want to push the limits of that success and become international players, having a presence in one of the world’s largest economies, and one that is right next door, is fundamental to achieving those goals.

A key to cross border and long-term success is having insurance in place that addresses the risks that come with doing business in another jurisdiction – especially if your plan is to have operations in several U.S. states that have their own unique laws, taxation, licensing, regulators, procedures and customs.

At ALIGNED, insuring businesses is all we do. We work with Canada’s top insurance companies some of which have physical operations on the ground in almost every state of the Union, ensuring our clients have a local insurance representation whether they have operations in New York, San Francisco or Idaho. 

And with a dedicated ALIGNED advocate at your disposal, you have the convenience and responsiveness of a single Canadian point of contact to coordinate all any/all US insurance needs including US workers compensation. 

Advantages of Our Cross Border Insurance Packages

While getting your foot in the door of the American market can launch your sales to stratospheric heights, the U.S. is known for its highly litigious landscape that changes depending on which state you’re in. 

Liability and insurance around employee injuries and worker’s compensation adds an extra layer of risk exposure as well. 

Also, Canadian businesses with subsidiaries in the States are exposed to property damage, cyber crime losses and many others.

With our cross border insurance solutions you can get:

  • A local ALIGNED advocate working to get you the most comprehensive cross border coverage at the best rates.
  • An insurance placement that is compliant with all insurance and no insurance State and local laws, regulations, licensing.
  • Coverage for medical expenses, property damage and losses to injured parties.
  • Coverage for legal expenses and lawyer’s fees for covered claims.
  • Liability coverage including out-of-court settlements and awards for damages in judgements against your company and its officers and directors.
  • Coverage for property losses due to fire, flood, forest fires, tornadoes and many other perils unique to some US geographies
  • Coverage for cyber losses and liabilities.

All of our cross border insurance policies are customized to your exact business needs.

Standard Coverages You May Need for Your Cross Border Operations

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance

Professional Liability / Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance 

Property Insurance 

Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance 

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance 

Commercial Vehicle/Auto Insurance 

ALIGN your business’s cross border success with insurance coverage customized by commercial insurance specialists.

Our commercial insurance specialists save you money, time and the hassle of shopping around for the right cross border insurance at the best rates by leveraging our relationships and expertise in commercial insurance coverages. 

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