Commercial Insurance Premium Financing

Yes, we offer commercial insurance premium financing to all ALIGNED clients

The bottom line always matters. When you run a business, you are always keeping an eye on the bottom line. We are too. This is why we make it simple to pay your commercial insurance premium.

Since day one at ALIGNED Insurance, we’ve taken pride in delivering a different insurance experience to Canadian business.

Delivering options and value to commercial insurance Canada is just one way we do this every day.

There are a total of five ALIGNED payment options available to our clients. We are committed to making payment of your invoice as easy as possible.

1. Premium Financing

Financing. Many clients choose to finance because it effectively spreads their premium payment across the term of their policy. Paying your premium with financing can significantly help your organization’s cash flow.

ALIGNED guarantees premium financing for all of our commercial insurance Canada clients. We provide this service through our partners First Insurance Funding & CAFO.  

Premium financing provides our clients with an option for monthly withdrawals directly from their account.

Note that premium financing of your commercial insurance does not impact your existing credit.

Flexibility. You can make adjustments to your payment schedule. Adjustments can be made easily if a positive or negative endorsement takes place during the course of your commercial insurance policy term. Premium financing is also a great way to consolidate several policy payments into one monthly withdrawal.

If you haven’t already received a quote or would like to learn more about premium financing, we can help. Contact your ALIGNED Advocate and request a quote for commercial insurance Canada premium financing today.

2. Email Transfer

Online. A quick and easy option for paying your commercial insurance premium is to do so with an email transfer. An email transfer can be done through your financial institution. Only three simple steps are required to complete an email transfer to ALIGNED Insurance.

Here are the steps:

  1. Email transfer funds to
  2. Include the Invoice No. & Account No. in the message section of the email transfer
  3. Send a separate email to with your transaction password

3. Credit Card Payments

Via credit card. As a service to our clients, we offer you the ability to pay your commercial insurance Canada invoices via credit card.

This option for business insurance payments is not offered by most brokerages. The reason why is the fact that credit card processing companies charge considerable transaction fees.

Many ALIGNED Insurance clients appreciate the ease the option to pay by credit card creates, such as the opportunity to collect points.

4. Wire or Direct Deposit

We have made wire funds and direct deposit payments available to ALIGNED clients.  Wire funds and direct deposits provide a great benefit to clients who are transferring funds from one currency.

5. Payment by Cheque

Cheques are a simple way to pay your invoice. Here is the mailing address for our National Operation Centre in Cambridge, Ontario where you can send your cheques.

ALIGNED Insurance Inc.
Attention: Accounting

380 Jamieson Parkway, Suite 11
Cambridge, Ontario
N3C 4N4

Telephone: 519-804-1055 or 1-866-287-0448

We request clients to mail cheques to our National Operations Centre in Cambridge, Ontario as this is where our Accounting team members work.

If you ever have a question regarding your invoice or who to make the cheque payable to, please reach out to your ALIGNED Advocate.

ALIGNED payment options are numerous as we understand not one option fits all.

Tight timelines? Manage your commercial insurance Canada online and on the phone…

Here are a few ways you can manage your commercial insurance needs online or over the phone.

ALIGNED. We’re more than just commercial insurance Canada experts

We take pride in delivering a different insurance experience to Canadian businesses.  Our focus on providing important insurance insights right here on our website, through our e-newsletter ALIGNMENT Matters and our social media channels is a foundational cornerstone of our business. 

What sets us apart…

First and foremost, we are proud to be 100% Canadian-owned. And we’re also proud to be a premier insurance brokerage that currently serves more than 1,600 clients across this country.

We believe that aligning insurance experts to business needs is one of the most important things an insurance broker can do to support their clients.

We’re also super proud to support businesses across Canada. In addition to our national operations centre in Cambridge, Ontario, we support commercial insurance clients through Toronto, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, BC.

Three well-established brokerage firms (with roots going back to 1912) came together in 1998 to found Precept Insurance & Risk Management.

Since day one, we have been in growth mode, most recently acquiring Precept. Proud to align with our past, present and future as insurance brokers Canada…we are in this together.

ALIGNED with you

In 2014, our President and CEO Andrew Clark founded ALIGNED Insurance. 

Uniquely within the industry, ALIGNED Advocates create, negotiate and deliver the best commercial products, services and insurance solutions for businesses. 

Andrew’s vision inspired our 18 points of differentiation. These points set our brokerage apart in the Canadian insurance marketplace. 

We want you and your organization to be part of our story. Contact us today to learn more about us and get a quote for your business. 

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