Canadian Water Taxi Insurance Coverage Explained

Canadian Water Taxi Insurance Coverage Explained

Canadian water taxi insurance coverage is critical for anyone that is using a vessel to transport passengers for compensation.  Much like traditional taxis and even Uber drivers who operate vehicles for compensation anytime you are transporting people for the compensation your legal duty of care is dramatically increased and specialized insurance is required.  Canadian water taxi insurance coverage through ALIGNED Insurance brokers ensure you have the right insurance coverage for your operations and just relying on traditional marine insurance is not enough because if your insurer discovers you were transporting passengers for compensation without their knowledge coverage will be denied leaving you personally legally liable for any damages from passenger injury and/or death.

What Does Canadian Water Taxi Insurance Cover?

Canadian water taxi insurance coverage effectively provides coverage for physical damage to your vessel, but it also includes liability coverage to protect you or your organization from liability claims that result from the injury or death of any passengers.

What Information Is Needed To Get A Canadian Water Taxi Insurance Coverage Quote?

It’s easy to get a Canadian water taxi insurance coverage quote and the information needed for a quote is fairly straightforward and is outlined below:

  • Details about your boat include year built, replacement value, hull construction etc.
  • Information on the motor(s) including manufacturer and serial number
  • Operating details like areas served, the projected number of passengers & annual revenue etc.
  • Claims history

To learn more about Canadian water taxi insurance coverage or for a Canadian water taxi insurance coverage quote contact An ALIGNED insurance broker today.

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