Canadian Adventure Tourism Company Insurance Overview

What is Adventure Tourism & Why Is Canadian Adventure Tourism Company Insurance Needed?

Adventure Tourism is the fastest growing sector of tourism in North America. It includes traveling to remote areas, where the traveler should except the unexpected! Adventure Tourism is rapidly growing in popularly as tourists seek unusual holidays. Source: WikiEducator In addition to the thrill and excitement of adventure tourism comes risk which is why Canadian adventure tourism company insurance is needed to protect the organizations, employees and owners of the adventure tourism companies.

What Does Adventure Tourism Include?

Adventure Tourism includes, but is not limited to, the following types of activities: hiking, trail rides (via animal or motorized vehicle), mountain biking, fishing charters, dog sled tours, guided tours, boat tours, snow shoeing, kayak and canoe tours, rock climbing, zip lines, white water rafting, or hunting, plus many more! Many of these types of activities are thrill seeking, and so they can be considered high risk for insurance. To ensure you have your operations and customers covered properly contact an ALIGNED Advocate today to discuss your insurance needs.

Canadian Adventure Tourism Company Insurance Examples

For example with fishing charters, boat tours, kayak and canoe tours, you have to consider the marine exposure your operations include, as well as, the property you own, rent or lease to make your business happen! Marine insurance for Hull & Machinery and Protection & Indemnity needs to be secured, as well as Property insurance for your items, and assessing the Commercial General Liability exposures you could have. It is best to discuss your operations with an ALIGNED insurance broker to ensure your insurance needs are met. ALIGNED Insurance Advocates are ready for your call to quote your Canadian adventure tourism company insurance!

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