Brew Pub Insurance Coverage

Brew Pub Insurance Coverage Explained

The number of breweries in Canada has grown to more than 200. Of the breweries currently in operation, 98 per cent are considered regional craft brewers, microbreweries or brewpubs.

Who Needs Brew Pub Insurance?

A brew pub is an establishment that sells beer that is brewed on site and is usually accompanied by an on site restaurant. If you own or manage a brewery that also serves food, then you need brew pub insurance to ensure that you are adequately covered in the event of a claim. Some organisations that need brew pub insurance include, but are not limited to; microbreweries, pubs, and brew pubs.

What Does Brew Pub Insurance Cover?

There are common coverage found in commercial general liability and property policies that are shared with brew pub insurance. However, as the needs of brew pubs is quite unique, typical brew pub insurance policies include the following coverages;

Spoilage and Product Recall

If a batch of beer is contaminated during the brewing or packaging process or spoils before distribution, a provision for spoilage coverage in a well structured craft brewery insurance program can cover the initial production cost as well as lost revenue. Product recall can help offset the costs of removing the tainted product and replacing it and should be considered as part of every craft brewery insurance program.

Supply Chain Insurance

Supply Chain Insurance. This type of insurance coverage will cover losses resulting from decreased production or increased production costs in the event that one or more of your suppliers is unable to provide the raw materials you need due to an insured event.

Liquor Liability

Liquor Liability coverage is essential as it will cover damages to persons and property caused by patrons and customers consume your products and/or allege they were over-served by your establishment.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment Breakdown Coverage. Having the appropriate equipment breakdown coverage in place will help with repair or replacement costs for damaged equipment from events caused by pressure vessels as well as cover losses resulting from production interruption and downtime.

Common Brew Pub Insurance Claims

Brewery Insurance Claims Examples:

  • An intoxicated patron trips and falls down a flight of stairs at your establishment and injures themselves.
  • A patron consumes alcohol at your establishment, and on the way home is involved in an at fault car collision to which alcohol was a contributing factor.
  • When beer is bottled or canned too early, the fermentation process continues creating gas buildup in the container causing an eventual explosion.
  • Mouldy beer under bottle cap caused by bad sealing.

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