Boat Tour Insurance

As a boat tour company, you provide quality entertainment for families, couples, individuals, and companies that want a fun excursion from harbour cruises to whale watching and everything in between. There are many people and logistics involved with a river or lake cruise. Regardless of whether you have a few or hundreds of guests and employees on board personal flotation devices, special equipment, signage, policies and procedures are all key to ensure the safety of everyone on board. You also may provide food, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and activities for guests, all of which come with their own unique risk considerations.

Throughout any boat tour, whether it’s 30 minutes or six hours, there are potential risks for unexpected events to happen. While not all unexpected events are big, even the smallest accident can cause significant financial damages to your business. The risk of liability from injuries is compounded as the amount of people on a boat increases. Third-party injuries that may occur from things outside your control like unexcepted rough water due to weather and/or property damage can happen at any time and have large reputational and financial repercussions.

With boat tour insurance from ALIGNED, your company stays protected against these risks whenever a boat is on the water. We provide a variety of comprehensive insurance policies, so you can choose one that best meets your needs, operations and budget.

boat tour insurance
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Why Is Boat Tour Company Insurance Important?

When operating a boat cruise company, there are many opportunities for something to go wrong. Especially because there are so many people on deck and they may be consuming alcohol. Plus, specialty equipment is used to operate the boat. Even the most experienced cruise team might encounter unexpected events that result in a lawsuit or third-party claim.

Here are some scenarios that cruise line company insurance can protect you from:

  • A passenger falls on a slippery deck and requires medical attention, surgery and significant time off work due to their injury.
  • The vessel hits a rock while trying to navigate around it and the vessel needs significant repairs for the damage and is not usable causing a loss of revenue while being repaired.
  • A guest on a corporate “booze cruise” gets in their personal vehicle and is involved in a serious car accident and kills the passenger of the other vehicle involved.
  • A fire breaks out in your office causing significant damage to all physical assets in the space.

What Does Boat Tour Company Insurance Cover?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – also called CGL insurance, commercial general liability insurance provides coverage for injuries, bodily harm, and property damages occurring to a third party during the non-marine components of your business operations. It also typically includes a product liability policy.

Commercial Property Insurance – protects your non-marine assets against damage in the event of a fire, vandalism, flood, or other natural accident beyond your control.

Cyber Liability Insurance – if you provide services online or rely on online platforms to interact with clients in any way, cyber liability insurance is important. It can cover claims of copyright, data breaches, defamation accusations, etc.

Critical Marine Coverages

Hull and Machinery Insurance – hull and machinery insurance is designed to protect your boat/vessels and machinery from physical damage.

Protection and Indemnity Insurance – protection and indemnity insurance is a type of liability insurance that protects the policyholder against various maritime liability risks that come with the operation of a vessel.

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