Adoption Agency Insurance

Adoption agencies play an important and hopeful role in the lives of many Canadians. For families unable to have biological children or simply want to expand their family etc., adoption agencies are great. As with any service business, there are always chances of risks and damages. Especially for adoption agencies, where many legal procedures directly impact the lives of young Canadians, any occurrence of damage can be very costly.

An injured client at your agency or a poor decision from one of the employees could lead to a costly lawsuit. Equipping your business with adoption agency insurance is one of the first things you should do to ensure your agency is protected against liability and litigation.

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Why is Adoption Agency Insurance Important?

Adoption Agency Insurance
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Adoption agencies not only deal with a very complex process involving many legal requirements and agreements, but they also have to be able to work fast. There’s always a possibility of mistakes or something going wrong.

  • Some clients can be unsatisfied with the adoption services or advice that the agency provides.
  • Clients can slip and fall or suffer another type of injury while on the premises of the adoption agency.
  • Property damage or injuries can occur while a service worker is conducting a home inspection.
  • Adoption agency workers can be accused of misconduct, make an error, negligence, etc.

Having adoption agency insurance ensures adoption agencies are protected against the financial losses arising from liability and litigation.

What Does Adoption Agency Insurance Cover?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – also called CGL insurance, commercial general liability insurance provides coverage for injuries, bodily harm, and property damages occurring to a third party during your business operations. For example, if a client is injured, you are covered for legal costs, payouts, and medical expenses.

Commercial Auto Insurance – home inspections are a common part of what an adoption agency does. Commercial auto insurance covers medical, property damage, loss of income, disability benefits, third party liability, physical damage to your vehicle and more if you are involved in a collision or accident while traveling to a client’s place.

Professional Liability Insurance – also called errors & omissions insurance, professional liability insurance covers allegations or financial loss and expenses if your adoption agency has claims of negligence, misconduct, or errors filed by a third party against it. For example, if a client claims that an adopted child was unsuitable to be placed in their home, you are covered for legal costs, damages, and other related expenses.

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