Intellectual Property Insurance And Patents?

intellectual property insurance

Intellectual Property Insurance – Are Your Patents Covered? Intellectual property refers to the many intangible assets of a business, such as patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. Unlike products, property or bricks and mortar, intellectual property assets are often an organization’s most valuable and least understood assets. While the intention of this overview is to […]

Telematics: Defined…#1 in a 2 part series


Telematics: Defined… [#1 in a 2 part series] Telematics? It’s a relatively new term that Canadian businesses are hearing more and more, often in the context of car insurance. According to Wikipedia, “telematics as an interdisciplinary field encompasses telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering (sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications, etc.), and computer science (multimedia, […]

Full Coverage – Do You Really Have It?

full coverage

Full Coverage – Do You Really Have It? When a business loss happens, after ensuring people are safe, the first thing most leaders will do is dig out their insurance policy. Between scanning their policy and calling their insurance representative, they will start to ask questions such as: Will the full extent of our loss […]

Auto Dealership Insurance

Auto Dealership Insurance In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Want to buy auto dealership insurance Canada? It’s time to get ALIGNED Bumper to bumper. We understand Canadian auto dealers and that’s why we are proud to offer a product that precisely meets your coverage requirements. ALIGNED’s auto dealership insurance by DealerSure is a comprehensive commercial insurance program that’s specifically designed to meet the insurance […]

Are You Ready For WHMIS 2015?

WHMIS 2015

Are You Ready For WHMIS 2015? On Feb. 11, 2015, the federal Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) legislation was amended to incorporate standards set by the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System for Classifying and Labelling Chemicals (GHS). The updated version of WHMIS, which will replace WHMIS 1988 and is referred to as WHMIS 2015, […]

ALIGNED Proudly Supports The Canadian Cancer Society

canadian cancer society

ALIGNED Proudly Supports The Canadian Cancer Society ALIGNED Insurance believes that it is a privilege to handle our clients insurance needs and that it is our corporate social responsibility to give generously and regularly to support the great work charitable and not profits organizations do every day across Canada. As part of our commitment to give regularly, every […]

Attractive Nuisance Dangers: What Are They?

attractive nuisance

Attractive Nuisance Dangers: Is Your Property A Risk? Although property owners’ duty of care for protecting trespassers is often lessened, in some cases, landowners or those who occupy land under leases can be held responsible for injuries to trespassers that are caused by attractive nuisance dangers, or man-made conditions on the property.  What are Common Attractive […]

Trade Disruption Insurance ABC’s

trade disruption insurance

Trade Disruption Insurance ABC’s Retail goods in a transport trailer held up at a U.S. border crossing? Imports from China fail to pass a customs inspection? With many Canadian businesses operating as part of the global economy, unexpected political strife can cause major damage to your bottom line. The International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) defines […]

Toxic Chemicals: Risk Management Tips

toxic chemicals

Why is Toxic Chemical Risk Management Important? Exposure to toxic chemicals during storing, transporting and disposal can result in injury or illness. If spills occur, containers leak, labels are removed or untrained employees have access to materials, the risk of injury or illness is even greater. To prevent employees from experiencing an unnecessary injury or […]

Ready For Employment Practices Liability Claims?

commercial liability insurance

Are You Ready For a $500,000 EPL Claim? According to a risk survey conducted with 302 corporate executives in 2013 by Pollara Strategic Insights, many Canadian companies are ill prepared for key employee-related risks. Employees, including board members, present unique challenges and potential exposures such as: Wrongful dismissal Sexual harassment Constructive dismissal Employment related misrepresentation Discrimination […]

ALIGNED Insurance Matters

[issue 1] ALIGNED Insurance Launches ALIGNMENT Matters ALIGNED Insurance has quickly become one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies in the industry. All of our advocates work to educate and inform people about insurance, risk issues, trends and solutions. It is both our duty and responsibility to help people make informed decisions about how best to insure […]

Property Management Tips

property management

Property Management Tips To Protect Physical Assets Security can be a scary prospect for property management companies. While you want to provide your tenants with a safe location to live or work, the level of security you need to provide is not always clear cut and, if it is lacking, could potentially make you liable […]

Water Damage From Spring Showers?

water damage

Water Damage From Spring Showers? Need a business insurance quote? Click to Get A Quote now OR call us toll free at 1-866-287-0448 Optimism is the fuel that drives the entrepreneurial spirit, so it isn’t surprising that many business owners consider themselves optimists. Too much optimism, however, can get anyone into deep water. A business plan built solely on the ‘best […]

Insurance Coverage Cancellation Versus Non-renewal

Insurance Coverage Cancellation Versus Non-renewal

Insurance Coverage Cancellation Versus Non-renewal Insurance Coverage Cancellation Versus Non-renewal; Receiving a letter from the insurance company concerning the status of your policy can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the language. It is important that you understand the difference between the cancellation of your insurance coverage policy and a nonrenewal. These terms are […]

Craft Brewery Insurance

Craft Brewery Insurance

Craft Brewery Insurance – Tapping Potential Along with red and black lumberjack plaid as well as the iconic stubby beer bottle making a cultural comeback, the Canadian beer industry is in expansion mode. In particular, the growth of craft breweries focused on unique, small batch brews is exploding. Small Business Accelerator – a division of […]