Vehicle Risk Management By Province

Vehicle Risk Management

Vehicle Risk Management By Province Vehicles owned, leased or operated by a business can represent significant assets and/or liabilities which is why vehicle risk management is so important.  Provincial vehicle insurance is mandatory in every Canadian province and territory. However, each province’s requirements for mandatory coverage vary. In British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, required primary […]

International Operations Insurance 101

International Operations Insurance

International Operations Insurance 101 International operations insurance is important. In simple terms, the ability for Canadian companies to sell goods and services globally is a major part of what sustains Canada’s economy. If doing business abroad is part of your company’s current operations and/or growth strategy, understanding what international operations insurance means and what is available for […]

The Ontario Broker Features Andrew Clark of ALIGNED Insurance

The Ontario Broker

Andrew Clark, President & CEO, of ALIGNED Insurance was honoured and humbled to have been featured in the September 2014 edition of the The Ontario Broker. The complete Ontario Broker article can be found by CLICKING HERE. ALIGNED is a premiere insurance brokerage that was exclusively and uniquely built to create, negotiate and deliver the best […]

D&O Insurance Fundamentals

D&O Insurance Fundamen

D&O Insurance Fundamentals Understanding D&O insurance fundamentals is important for directors and officers of public and private companies. A lack of knowledge of D&O insurance fundamentals on the part of the existing leadership team and or potential candidates considering joining an organization can result in highly qualified people not pursuing or accepting an executive position at your company […]

Andrew Clark of ALIGNED Insurance Named Top 10 Under 40!

Top 10 under 40

Andrew Clark, President & CEO of ALIGNED Insurance Named Top 10 Under 40! Andrew was recently honoured to receive the news that he had been named Top 10 Under 40, by Canadian Insurance Top Broker Magazine! The Top 10 Under 40 List is intended to recognize some of the industry’s current and future leaders.  About […]

Duty of Care: A Director’s Responsibilities Explained

Duty of Care: A Director's Responsibilities Explained

Understanding A Director’s Duty of Care  “The duty of care means that a director has to attend the meetings of the board and its committees which he is a member of, prepare for such meetings, inquire about the legal person, its activities and its market, supervise the management of the legal person and provide a […]

Corporate Recordkeeping Practices Simplified

Corporate Recordkeeping Practices

Corporate Recordkeeping Practices Simplified Accurate corporate recordkeeping practices can preserve a company’s history of business and financial decisions. Unfortunately, creating and maintaining accurate business records is often overlooked by companies of all sizes. It’s more than just a corporate formality; recordkeeping is a critical element of directors and officers liability loss control and required per […]

Professional Liability Insurance Application

Professional Liability Insurance Application

Professional Liability Insurance Application Click Here For A Professional Liability Insurance Quote or Call us toll free at 1-866-287-0448 What is Professional Liability Insurance?  A professional liability insurance application needs to be completed in order to secure a bindable quote for professional liability insurance.  A fully completed and signed professional liability application is also required for the […]

Fidelity Bond Insurance Debunked

Fidelity Bond Insurance

Fidelity Bond Insurance Debunked Fidelity bond insurance may sound unnecessary, but the harsh reality is that nearly every business is eventually victimized by fraud or employee theft at some point. In this day and age, thieves (including your employees) do not need direct access to cash to steal from you; merchandise, supplies and securities are […]

Coinsurance: What Is It & How Does It Work?


Coinsurance: What It Is & How It Works Coinsurance Explained Taking the time to understand your insurance policies is well worth the effort. An insurance policy is a complex contract that often contains provisions that assign certain responsibilities to the policyholder, such as a coinsurance clause. Because such provisions are often misunderstood, ALIGNED Insurance has gathered the […]