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Where Can I Get E&O Coverage For Business Consultants In Canada?

If you are in the business of supporting other Canadian businesses, a key question you’re likely thinking about is “Where can I get E&O coverage for business consultants in Canada?”  Even though your day-to-day business may be conducted out of your home office, on your clients’ premises or online, the risks you face as a business consultant are real and quantifiable. Understanding the risks that business consultants face is yet another reason why so many small and medium-sized consulting organizations work with our experienced insurance to proactively manage risks like errors and omissions. In fact, it’s also the reason why we’ve made it fast, easy and simple for business consultants in Canada to get ALIGNED with an online quote right here on our website. To get an E&O coverage quote online, all you need to do is respond to a few questions. From Vancouver to St. John’s – and everywhere in between – we’re proud to address the unique business consultants in Canada like you and provide you specific options when you are looking for answers to: “Where can I get E&O coverage for business consultants in Canada?

ALIGNED Errors & Omissions Insurance Is The Answer To Where Can I Get E&O Coverage For Business Consultants In Canada?

If you work as business consultant, you know that as a professional who provides expert advice, you are held to a high standard of care by your clients. Regardless of your area(s) of expertise — be it management, benefits, environmental, marketing, media, technology or other — as a business consultant, you need E&O insurance. Not only does this protect you in your role as a consultant, but it also covers your organization/business and it’s reputation.

DYK? E&O Coverage for Business Consultants is now becoming a mandatory requirement by prospective clients.
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From A to F, Here’s Why E&O Coverage For Business Consultants In Canada Is So Important

A single mistake can add up to a potential lawsuit and that’s a key reason why errors and omissions insurance is so vitally important for business consultants. Here’s how things can quickly spiral into a situation that E&O coverage would respond to:  

  1. A recruiting consultant fails to conduct a reference check on a prospective employee for a client.
  2. The client subsequently hires the employee that the recruiting consultant discovered.
  3. The employee misappropriates sums of money from the company that hired them.
  4. A reference check by the consultant would have revealed that the employee had a long history of fraud.
  5. The employer/client then sues the consultant to recover the missing funds and the consultant
  6. Based on the scope of work and their expertise as a business consultant, the client claims that a duty of care was breached and the breach resulted in a financial loss to the company. This loss was a direct result of the consultant’s negligence.

As experts in getting Canadian companies and specifically business consultants ALIGNED with E&O and other commercial insurance solutions, our insurance brokers will assess your needs and connect you with the best options. A few liability coverages that you may want to consider include:

If you want to know where can I get E&O coverage for business consultants in Canada our experienced commercial insurance brokers are here to help you to determine the types of coverage you need most.

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