Why your business may need liability insurance in Toronto

Here’s why Toronto businesses need liability insurance

It’s a fact. Lawsuits can and do happen. If you operate a business and/or own a property you can be held liable for damages or injuries. Someone may sue you and your business.

So this is why liability insurance is essential. It protects you and your business when something happens to individuals or the property of others. 

Liability insurance provides a variety of protection. For example, it protects against damages caused due to allegations of negligence such as:

  • Malpractice
  • Driving accidents
  • Employees who get hurt while on the job
  • And more.

Contractors and professionals can also benefit from liability insurance. This is why we make it fast, easy and simple to get professional liability and general liability insurance online with us.

Who needs liability insurance?

People who deliver services. Many contractors, professionals, and businesses depend on liability insurance. For example:

  • Skilled Traders and Contractors: Home builders, electricians, landscapers, carpenters, welders, and painters.
  • Professionals: Web designers, interior designers, writers, accountants, sales consultants, and photographers.
  • Small Businesses: Book stores, clothing stores, gift shops, coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, pet stores, and furniture stores. 
  • And many more people who deliver services.

Not sure if you need liability insurance? We can help. Contact an ALIGNED Insurance broker today to get answers about liability insurance for you and/or your organization. In addition, we can get you the most competitive quote for your unique needs. Above all, we are proud to deliver value to our commercial insurance clients across Canada.

Liability insurance in Toronto that’s fully online is available now. Use our online insurance application to purchase professional liability insurance and general liability insurance.

So…how important is liability insurance?

Are you wondering if liability insurance is right for you and your business? Liability insurance, like most types of business insurance products, provides compensation for most common losses:

It covers loss due to property damage

Whether you run a small business out of a store front, office, job-site or other location, your business needs protection. Specifically, your business needs protection of their assets due to unforeseen damages or loss. Liability insurance provides protection from allegations of negligence from your customers, suppliers, contractors, or from other business enterprises.

By covering yourself with liability insurance, you can rest assured that lawyers’ fees to defend yourself and possible compensation for damages awarded or agreed to that the policy covers will help minimize the impact an incident might have on your business.

Liability insurance provides compensation in the event of bodily injury

Whether to you or others, medical bills and other related expenses due to a physical accident can be costly. Claims for severe bodily injury can bankrupt your business. Injuries can also occur off business premises as your employees conduct themselves during business hours. 

In case of bodily injury claims that your business is held liable for, liability insurance can help. It can cover medical bills as well as other claim-related expenses. 

How to find the best solution for your liability risks?

Every business is unique in the way they conduct business and operate. You need custom liability solutions that fit your business risk profile and protect you from unforeseeable events. Above all, a solution that’s aligned can mean the difference between bankruptcy and continuing to run your business as usual.

Across Canada and the GTA, we at ALIGNED Insurance are a team of experienced business insurance Toronto experts.

We exclusively deliver Toronto commercial insurance solutions that help protect businesses against all types of unforeseeable liability risks in Toronto. In short, we work to deliver peace of mind to Toronto businesses.

Contact us today to find out what are the many ways we can cover and protect your business in times of need!

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