Sports Bar Insurance

Sports bars are a place for people to gather, socialize, and watch the big game and/or favourite team. But operating one comes with risk, especially since food and alcohol are typically served. Protect your sports bar from financial ruin by purchasing sports bar insurance. ALIGNED can help you find the right policy for your sports bar or restaurant. 

Sports Bar Insurance
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What is sports bar insurance?

Sports bar insurance is a type of business insurance designed to protect sports bars from the unique risks they face. For example, since sports bars serve alcohol, sports bar owners may have to deal with intoxicated customers. This can increase your chances of a third-party property damage or bodily injury claim being brought against you. But with the right insurance coverage, your bar can be protected against lawsuits, property damage, bodily injury, liability related to allegations of overserving and more. 

What does a sports bar insurance cover? 

Coverage varies depending on the insurance provider and the policyholder, but common coverage options include the following: 

  • Liquor liability insurance: Liquor liability insurance is mandatory for sports bars that serve alcohol to customers. It covers the costs associated with claims brought against your bar alleging third-party bodily injury or property damage due to an intoxicated patron causing damages to a third party.
  • Commercial general liability insurance: Sometimes referred to as slip-and-fall insurance, commercial general liability coverage protects your business against claims of third-party bodily injury and property damage that are non consumption related.
  • Product liability insurance: Product liability insurance can be added to your commercial general liability coverage and will protect you in the event that a product you sell or serve (including food and alcohol) results in property damage or bodily injury. 
  • Cyber liability insurance: If your sports bar stores sensitive customer information on the internet, cyber liability insurance can protect you in the event of a hack that results in stolen data. 
  • Property Insurance: Everything from the memorabilia on the walls to the bottles of whiskey behind the bar has significant financial value and if destroyed in a fire, stolen or damaged due to covered perils commercial property insurance is key to protecting every sports bars physical assets.

Should I get sports bar insurance? 

If you own a sports bar, then you should get sports bar insurance. Beyond liquor liability coverage, which is mandatory to secure licensing if you serve alcohol, your bar also benefits from commercial general liability insurance, product liability insurance, cyber liability insurance, and more. The greater coverage you have, the more likely you are to be covered in the event of an accident. Whether your bar’s reservation system is hacked, a pipe bursts flooding the basement of your bar overnight, or a customer you served alcohol to gets into a car accident after they leave, sports bar insurance can help. 

Is sports bar insurance required by law? 

Yes. Specifically, liquor liability insurance is required by municipal licensing for any establishment that serves alcohol. As any sports bar owner knows, you can be held liable if you serve alcohol to a customer who then causes an accident or is injured.

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