Slip Trip and Fall Prevention: Tips & Tricks

Slip Trip and Fall Prevention

Operating a businesses can create a multitude of slip trip and fall hazards, whether it be from spilled liquids, high customer traffic or other means in office space, sidewalks,  kitchens, manufacturing area, dining areas and/or storage rooms. Everyone can all play a part to prevent slip trip and fall hazards from causing injuries to anyone.

Do Your Part To Support Slip Trip and Fall Prevention

A wet floor is only one of the many causes that accounts for thousands of  workplace and work-related injuries every year, which is why it is important to spot unsafe conditions that could lead to slip trip and fall incidents, and employees should do what they can to prevent them.

To avoid slips trip and fall injuries, employees should be on the lookout for debris on the floor, such as the following:

  • Spilled liquids
  • Food
  • Grease or oil
  • Soap other slippery cleaning products
  • Paper, debris etc.
slip trip and fall

Good Housekeeping Counts In the Fight Against Slip Trip and Fall Injuries

Even small quantities of debris are enough to make someone slip trip and fall. In addition to being a slip trip and fall hazard, continually wet surfaces promote the growth of mould, fungi and bacteria that can cause infections. Wet floor signs must be placed around a spill immediately after the incident. Employees need to make sure messes on the floor are cleaned up and the floor is dried as soon as possible to avoid any slip trip and fall from occurring.

At the beginning and end of a shift or work day, employees need to make sure the workplace is clean and free of any slip trip and fall hazards. If there is an object that presents a hazard that they cannot move or clean up on their own, they should alert a manager.

Employees should beware of potential slip trip and fall hazards. Trash, chairs, signs, ice or any object in areas designed for pedestrian traffic invite falls. Extension cords, food or mail carts, displays and other items in the open all present slip trip and fall hazards. A bunched up mat or rug at the entrance to a business  that is intended to prevent slip trip and fall incidents can actually be the cause of slip trip and fall injuries if not monitored correctly.

Practice Slip Trip and Fall Prevention

Employees and customers should walk in designated areas only. Short cuts through storage, manufacturing or cooking areas can cause slip trip and fall accidents. Horseplay and inattention leaves employees and customers vulnerable to unsafe conditions.

Employees using the correct footwear is important in every workplace.  Floors can become wet from spilled liquids, steam and other sources of heat from equipment, so employees should use shoes with a good amount of tread and employers install non-slip mats whenever possible to avoid a slip trip and fall accidents.

When using  equipment, employees need to be sure it is properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Standing and working areas should be clean and free from spills and debris and employees should be encouraged and even rewarded for reporting unsafe areas that could cause slip trip and falls injuries. Also if customers or employees believe their workplace is unsafe they can always review regulations and legislation and or contact related government departments.

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