Is It Required To Have Electrician Insurance in Ontario?

If you’re considering becoming an electrician in Ontario, you might be wondering if insurance is required. Keep reading to find out about mandatory insurance coverage for electricians in Ontario and how ALIGNED can help you find it. 

Do electricians in Ontario need insurance?

Yes, Ontario electricians must purchase electrician insurance when applying for a business license. Electrician insurance can protect you against a wide range of risks, such as theft, personal injury, a lawsuit due to third party property damage or injury, and more. If something goes wrong, electrician insurance can protect your business financially. But without it, you could be left to pay expensive medical bills or legal fees on your own. So whether you’re a self-employed, independent electrician or a residential, commercial, industrial, or domestic electrician, electrician insurance is for you. 

Is it required to have electrician insurance in Ontario?
Is it required to have electrician insurance in Ontario? Click HERE to get a free quote now!

What insurance coverage do electricians in Ontario need?

The following insurance coverage is typically available to electricians in Ontario: 

  • Commercial general liability insurance: Commercial general liability coverage protects your electrician business against claims of third party bodily injury and property damage. It can cover the cost of injury or damages to a third party, as well as the cost of a lawsuit (e.g. defence and court fees). 
  • Commercial property insurance: Commercial property insurance protects your electrician’s office or other place of business, as well as any business-related contents. Specifically, it aims to safeguard your physical property, tools, equipment etc. from damage caused by a covered loss, like water damage, fire, theft, windstorms, vandalism, etc. 
  • Tools and equipment insurance: With tools and equipment insurance, your insurer may cover the cost of repairing or replacing your electrician tools or equipment if they are damaged or lost due to an insured peril, like fire.  
  • Professional liability insurance: Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, can protect your electrician business and its employees from claims of negligence, malpractice, error, or failure from design related services provided. 
  • Commercial auto insurance: Commercial auto insurance is important if your electrician business uses vehicles for commercial purposes, such as to transport tools and equipment or travel to and from clients’ homes. Commercial auto insurance policies in Ontario vary but may include third party liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, uninsured automobile coverage, accident benefits coverage, collision coverage, and more. 

Get ALIGNED with Ontario electrician insurance

Get electrician insurance and protect your business while complying with provincial requirements. Not only is electrician insurance required in Ontario but it offers financial protection to electricians. 

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