Insurance Broker Referral Program

Insurance Broker Referral Program 

ALIGNED Insurance has quickly become one of Canada’s leading insurance brokerages and has some of the best insurance brokers in the country as part of its team.  The success of ALIGNED Insurance to date is thanks to the support of countless people who believe in our culture, organization and unique way of doing business.

ALIGNED Insurance operates in a crowded and very competitive industry and there is no shortage of insurance brokerages for Canadian insurance consumers to choose from, but no other insurance brokerage can compete with the value ALIGNED Insurance can deliver and more importantly, no other insurance broker can match the core values ALIGNED Insurance was built upon.  Guided by our beliefs and values ALIGNED has a proven track record of success as evidenced by recently being named one of the Top 10 Brokerages in Canada.

As part of our growth has always come from the kindness of others referring clients to us, we wanted to clearly and broadly share the details of our insurance broker referral program.

Insurance Broker Referral Program Rules and Regulations

Insurance brokers are regulated and licensed by provincial bodies like the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO), Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) and Insurance Council of British Columbia. These organizations also make and enforce the insurance broker referral program rules and regulations in each province.

It’s important to note that ALIGNED Insurance and the insurance broker referral programs it operates strictly adhere to the insurance broker referral program rules and regulations in each province

The ALIGNED  Insurance Broker Referral Program Details

Insurance Broker Referral Program For Licensed Professionals

Most provincial regulators allow for a portion of P&C insurance commission to be paid to another licensed professional like a life insurance agent, employee benefits broker, mortgage broker etc. given the natural cross-over between prospects & clientele.

Insurance Broker Referral Program For Non Licensed Individuals

Most provincial regulators don’t allow for a portion of the P&C insurance commission to be paid to non-licensed individuals.  However, it is common that clients to make referrals and should be encouraged to do so, which is why ALIGNED Insurance has a separate insurance broker referral program for non-licensed individuals.  Our insurance broker referral program for non-licensed individuals is run on a lottery basis which ensures no referral is guaranteed to receive any form of reward and therefore is regulatory compliant.  More specifically if a referral is made by a non-licensed individual they are entered into a draw and could be eligible for a referral reward of up to $500 for a gift card to a retailer of their choice or ALIGNED could make a donation to a charity of their choosing on their behalf.

Regardless of whether you are licensed or non-licensed, we are just honoured that you would consider making a referral to us as it is the highest compliment we could receive and we would be happy to discuss how the program works and/or any specific potential opportunities you would like to share.

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