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If buying a secondary, vacation, duplex, triplex or other sort of rental property is on your mind, you are likely considering “How much is insurance for a house I rent out in Canada? In addition to location, there are multiple factors that come into play when you ask your insurance broker “How much is insurance for a house I rent out in Canada?”.

The art and science of underwriting takes into consideration a multitude of factors and variables including historic data and more. Read on to learn about what factors will directly impact the cost of insuring a rental property…

Location. Location. Location. Just One Factor When It Comes To How Much Is Insurance For A House I Rent Out In Canada? 

How Canadians buy and use properties is changing. With AirBNB making owning multiple properties a new business reality for some and skyrocketing housing costs changing how multiple generations perceive the value of property ownership, where and how we live keeps evolving. If you are looking into how much is insurance for a house I rent out in Canada, it is important to start by putting yourself into the mindset of an insurer. Some of the things that are on their mind when it comes to determining the cost of insurance for a house rented out to others includes:

  • Location. Location. Location. Where the property is located – how far from a fire hydrant, volunteer fire department or municipally run firehouse makes a difference. It is also important to remember that rating models for things like fire, flood, earthquake, etc. vary across Canada.
  • Who you are renting the house to.  It might be a student rental, a short term rental, a rooming house or to a single family – the individual(s) or groups will all impact how much your rental house insurance will cost.
  • What will it cost to replace the house? The specific rebuilding cost should it burn down or be destroyed by a tornado, flood etc. is a major driver of cost.
  • What’s your rental income? Note that monthly rental income is insurable.
  • The liability limit. Generally, the higher the liability limit is, the more expensive the insurance coverage will be.
  • Any and all historic claims. For instance, past property or liability claims within the past five years will impactrental propertyt the cost of insurance coverage.

And last but certainly not least, is cannabis. If you have tenants who are growing cannabis on the property, you will need specific insurance coverage.

If you own an income property speaking to an ALIGNED Insurance broker is the best way to understand “how much is insurance for a house I rent out in Canada”.

If you want to know how much is insurance for a house I rent out in Canada our experienced commercial insurance brokers are here to help you to determine the types of coverage you need most.

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