Freelancer Insurance Canada

Why is Freelancer Insurance Essential? 

The freelance lifestyle has become more and more attractive to various people in the last few decades, and it’s no wonder. Setting your own hours and ideally picking and choosing the clients you want to work with sounds pretty good. You might be a dedicated freelancer with no other income, or it might be a side gig that allows you a few extra perks. Whatever the nature of your work and your freelance lifestyle, this is an attractive way to make a living for many. 

Freelancer Insurance Canada
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There may, however, be some perils associated with operating in this field that many are not aware of. As a freelancer, you need to protect yourself from the potential risks associated with working for yourself with the right insurance coverage for you. Freelancer Insurance is designed to guard against the unlikely instance that you could make a mistake that puts your business in jeopardy by being held legally liable. Regardless of the facts any disgruntled client could sue you for work they feel is unsatisfactory, and many freelancers would not be able to pay out of pocket to settle such a claim. 

Protect yourself and your business with insurance suited to your freelance business. 

The Right Freelancer Insurance Coverage For You

Freelance work can be as varied as the people who do it. You might be a consultant who works with communities to help fund various projects, a business consultant or maybe you are an at-home editor or graphic designer. Whatever the nature of your work, a customized Freelancer Insurance package should be tailored to suit your unique circumstances. 

Some of the common coverages for freelancers include the following:

  • Errors & Omissions Insurance or Professional Liability Insurance – this coverage applies to many freelancers, regardless of the work they do as most if not all provide professional services to third parties for fee based compensation. If you are accused of substandard work, negligence, or breach of contract, you could face legal action. This is especially important for freelancers such as PR professionals, marketing specialists, consultants, strategists, IT professionals and web designers who are relied upon to deliver work to a certain standard. If you fail to deliver the work as promised or are later accused of being negligent in some way, you could face a lawsuit. Professional Liability Insurance can cover the defence costs and/or any settlements or judgments against you. 
  • Cyber Liability Insurance – this coverage protects  you and your digital assets from potential data breaches or malicious attacks. If you rely on the internet to generage new business and send or receive files containing customer financial and/or personal information, you need to consider this coverage. 
  • Commercial Property Insurance – this insurance applies to freelancers who rely on property like a small leased office for their business, including physical locations and related assets. This coverage applies to unexpected weather events such as floods or fires, vandalism, and theft. 

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