Food Truck Insurance Overview

What you need to know about buying Food Truck Insurance in Canada

There is no doubt that the popularity of food and more specifically food trucks have grown in recent years.  The appeal of operating your own business and being able to move to where demand is certainly is attractive and can be a lucrative and rewarding business.  However, operating a mobile food truck does come with risk from a number of sources.

There are numerous resources on starting, managing and operating a food truck business from a number of sources and even checklists on things to consider regarding the food truck business available through many sources.

ALIGNED Food Truck Liability Insurance – the staples you need

Food Truck/Trailer Insurance from ALIGNED and our Advocates can help a food truck owner manage some of the business interruption and risks to ensure that unexpected and/or unfortunate events don’t cripple your business operations and dreams.

Food Truck Liability Insurance in Ontario

An ALIGNED Insurance Advocate would be happy to assist with all your insurance needs, but ultimately appropriately structured commercial property insurance, commercial auto insurance and commercial general liability insurance policies are the 3 key insurance products.

Food Truck Insurance Coverage

A well-structured food truck insurance program can cover:

  • Third-Party Liability associated with driving the food truck
  • Physical Property Damage to the food trucks
  • Lost Revenue Due to the food truck being damaged and not easily replaced
  • Food poisoning allegations from customers
  • Theft of equipment, ingredients, etc.
  • Slip and falls that alleges negligence
  • Spoilage caused by the failure of food truck refrigeration equipment

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