Diagnostic Imaging Centre Insurance

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Diagnostic Imaging Centre Insurance

Doctors, surgeons, specialists other medical and health professionals rely on your expert services to provide Canadians with the very best in health. The diagnostic imaging services you provide are absolutely vital in that regard and are therefore inherent with risk. This post covers how to best manage those safety protocol and risks through comprehensive diagnostic imaging centre insurance.

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The Canadian Association of Radiologists recently authored a report entitled “Radiology Resilience Now and Beyond Report” that identifies the ideal goals of a diagnostic imaging centre to be:

  • “The development of data-driven applications and platforms to streamline health care pathways
  • Improvements in records management or computed tomography
  • The reasonable exchange of patient data in a jurisdiction-agnostic way, and
  • A commitment to making optimal use of physical, technological and human resources available in the system”

To achieve these safety protocol, the report makes the following recommendations:

Invest in better infrastructure to collect better data. The CAR, Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and provincial Ministries of Health should collaborate to augment the current national and provincial medical imaging wait time databases to ensure there is standardized reporting of wait times on a regular basis across the canadaus border.

Adopt standardized imaging prioritization categories and benchmarks across all provinces and territories. We cannot improve what we do not measure, and we cannot properly assess the situation without consistent metrics.

Invest in human resources, to hire more technologists, sonographers, and clerical staff, to use existing equipment and capital resources more efficiently and for longer hours.

Let data drive procurement and investment in capital equipment. Enact a coherent national strategy for targeted, data-driven capital equipment procurement.

Institute clinical decision support tools to drive appropriateness while curtailing low-value examinations.

Create centralized intake systems for CT and MRI, at the provincial or regional level that allow for seamless booking of exams and access to wait time data.

Reorganize clinical space, where possible, to facilitate continuation of service delivery during active outbreaks.

Reassess the metrics being used to measure radiology performance; ensure that the metrics are aligned. refer your patients on what they needs, rather than the raw productivity of individuals and departments.

Harness AI applications to improve the patient experience, clinical workflows, and health care administration. Let technology help to streamline systems while eliminating unnecessary redundancies and inefficiencies.

Managing Risk with Diagnostic Imaging Centre Insurance

Aside from professional Insurance Liability mandatory for all health care practitioners in Canada, we also recommend other coverages no diagnostic imaging centre should be without. Below are some of the basic coverages that should be included in a diagnostic imaging centre’s insurance plan:

Professional Insurance Liability / Errors and Omissions Insurance provides legal expense coverage for allegations of malpractice or negligence against the health centre itself which can include legal defence costs, patient compensation and or damages. Often a statement of claim will name the health care practioner and the clinic or centre they operate out of and if the clinic does not purchase it’s owner professional liability insurance it can be left paying out of pocket.

Boiler & Machinery Insurance / Equipment Breakdown Insurance that protects your practice from the costs to repair or replace equipment including diagnostic imaging equipment and heating and cooling systems and the costs associated with equipment failure.

Commercial General Insurance Liability protects your diagnostic imaging centre from lawsuits alleging slip-and-fall injuries on your property, libel/slander allegations and claims of false advertising, among others.

Property Insurance can provide coverage for your diagnostic imaging centre’s building and/or contents including equipment, health care , health professionals , supplies, and assets in case of perils such as fires, floods, bad weather incidents, etc. You may also require

  • Business Interruption coverage to help you manage your operating expenses/ imaging cost after an insured peril; and 
  • Extra Expense protection for health issues to help you set up a temporary location to continue providing diagnostic imaging services after an insured peril. 

You Help Diagnose Illness and Injury, We Diagnose Risks and Liabilities

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