Compliance: Facts, Questions & ALIGNED Solutions

Compliance Support For Your Organization. Compliance Notable Fact: 

Constantly changing federal and provincial legislation, from OH&S regulations, Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) to Transport Canada requirements make it difficult to keep up with regulatory compliance. Fines & penalties can be financially ruinous – in fact, fines can be extremely costly and failure to comply with regulations can result in criminal convictions.

Compliance Questions:                  

Do you know if your organization is in compliance with all laws, statues and regulations? Are you confident that your current compliance programs, policies and procedures are current and meet all national, provincial and territorial guidelines? Are you certain that your company keeps adequate compliance documentation and displays required compliance posters? Does your companies current insurance broker help you stay in compliance?

Compliance Solutions:  

We offer solutions in our service packages to help address your compliance needs. ALIGNED also develops regulatory updates that we share through posts on our website, LinkedIn and Twitter to address common compliance questions and highlight solutions so that you know where to turn for assistance to help you stay on top of employment laws and compliance related developments so that you can take the fear out of compliance and the associated fines and penalties.

More about ALIGNED Insurance: 

ALIGNED is a premiere insurance brokerage that was exclusively and uniquely built to create, negotiate and deliver the best business insurance and risk management strategies/solutions to small, medium and large organizations across all industries.  ALIGNED’s primary mission is to protect the cash flow, profitability and balance sheets of their clients from the chance of unforeseeable losses.

Through our game changing 0% Commission Model and our other 17 points of differentiation we deliver unmatched value to our growing portfolio of clients from all industries that range from small to large organizations.

To learn more about how ALIGNED can help improve your organizations compliance processes and procedures, our risk management solutions and or insurance products visit us at or connect with an ALIGNED Insurance Advocate today.

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