Business Car Insurance

Vehicles are an integral part of many businesses. Whether you deliver products using a fleet of trucks or operate using only a single van, you need to protect your commercial vehicles with business car insurance. To ensure you find the right commercial auto insurance policy, ALIGNED is here. 

Our team of experts knows all there is to know about commercial insurance, including business car insurance. We’ve partnered with Canada’s top insurance companies to find a policy that suits your business. Plus, we do all the heavy lifting. So while you’re driving to your next destination, we’ll be comparing and obtaining quotes on your behalf. Thanks to ALIGNED, finding the right business car insurance has never been easier.

Business Car Insurance
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What is business car insurance?

As the name suggests, business car insurance protects vehicles used for business purposes. Sometimes referred to as commercial auto insurance, business auto insurance, or commercial vehicle insurance, this type of protection extends to a wide range of vehicles, from trailers and utility vans to pick-up trucks and passenger cars. If your business uses vehicles to transport goods, materials, tools, equipment, or people relating to your operations, investing in business car insurance may be a wise choice. As most drivers know, various risks come with hitting the open road, especially when a business vehicle is involved. To safeguard yourself and your company against collisions and property damages, consider business car insurance. 

What does business car insurance cover?

Business car insurance policies are a lot like regular auto insurance policies. They primarily cover the policyholder in the event of accidents or property damage. Coverage varies depending on which province you’re driving in and how comprehensive you wish the policy to be. However, a standard business car insurance policy in Ontario would likely include the following:

  • Third-party liability coverage
  • Accident benefits coverage
  • Uninsured automobile coverage 
  • Direct compensation-property damage (DCPD) coverage
  • Physical damage coverage

Optional coverages you may wish to include in your business car insurance policy are as follows: 

Depending on the coverage options in your business car insurance policy, you could be protected if an employee gets into a car accident in a business vehicle, even if the employee is liable or at fault. Business car insurance can help cover the costs of vehicle repairs or medical expenses if someone is injured. Your insurance provider may also give you a replacement car while yours is being repaired. Further, you can purchase additional protection against theft, vandalism, weather-related incidents, and fires.

ALIGN yourself with comprehensive business car insurance.

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