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The best indoor air quality. As a professional HVAC contractor, you are an expert in delivering comfortable and clean air to the many private residences, commercial and industrial buildings that you service. 

Like any other industry, there are trends and challenges that you face on the job as an HVAC contractor. “With a rapidly growing world population and increasing urbanization, the demand for well-functioning buildings and indoor environments is also growing. This means both new builds and the upgrading and re-purposing of older buildings for optimal comfort and energy efficiency increase your business potential.”1

Regardless of the type of buildings you work on, your clients trust you to understand, troubleshoot, install, repair and/or maintain complex HVAC systems. They expect you to deliver the best indoor air quality possible.

As experts in the commercial insurance marketplace, we work with Canada’s top insurance companies to bring better coverage solutions and options to our clients. Together with Aviva Canada, we are proud to offer a simple insurance solution – Aviva OnpointTM– that’s specifically designed to meet the current and emerging needs of HVAC contractors in Canada. 

Keep reading to learn more about insurance for HVAC contractors as well as some of the top emerging trends that are trending in your industry.

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Spring, summer, winter, fall…repeat. As temperatures rise and fall outdoors, your clients expect their residential, commercial and industrial HVAC indoor systems to maintain consistent comfort. Studies show that today’s consumers want more energy-efficient HVAC systems and there’s “an increasing need to reduce energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings, a greater number of green buildings across the globe and growing awareness of the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ).”2

We know that you need small business insurance that’s is specifically built to respond to the specific needs of your HVAC contracting business. 

Across Canada, we are proud to offer HVAC contractors the best insurance coverage options thanks to our partnership with Aviva Canada. Right now, our ALIGNED Insurance brokers are on standby to deliver a simple and stress-free insurance experience. All you need to do is contact us to get the process started for your HVAC contracting business. 

Trends that are heating up the global HVAC industry right now… 

As a Canadian HVAC contractor, you are likely already adapting your business to meet consumer demands. Four global trends that HVAC contractors in Canada should be aware of include:

Trend #1: Healthy Buildings Matter 

Growing knowledge of how indoor environments can seriously affect how people think, act and feel is increasing demand for healthy buildings. In fact, in a recent survey of 140 facility executives by Structure Tone, 92 percent described building wellness features as “essential, mainstream or an emerging need.”3

Trend #2: Energy Efficiency is Critical 

Buildings are power hungry. They consume roughly 40 percent of the total energy used in the U.S. and more than 70 percent of the country’s electricity, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. On top of that, they’re incredibly inefficient as they waste about 30 percent of their total energy intake.”4

Trend #3: Sustainability is a Core Building Principle 

No longer a fringe interest, sustainability is a core principle driving building design and construction. Why? Because with…energy-efficient HVAC technologies…, sustainable buildings not only reduce energy consumption and protect the environment, they also cut operating costs and save money for building owners and tenants.”5

Trend #4: Smart HVAC Technologies are on the Rise 

In order to create healthy buildings, reduce energy consumption, save money and strengthen sustainability, a growing number of building professionals are turning to smart HVAC technologies. These include controls, advanced monitoring systems, building automation systems, smart thermostats and Internet of Things (IoT) lighting controls, to name just a few.”6

As any business owner knows, it’s vitally important to be aware of emerging trends. Knowledge helps you adapt your operations to meet the changing needs of your clients. Knowing that your business is aligned with the very best insurance coverage can help you focus on the bigger picture.

Focus matters | ALIGNED insurance brokers are commercial insurance specialists

Focus is what distinguishes you as an HVAC contractor and it’s also what sets us apart as an insurance brokerage. There’s a vast difference between business and personal lines insurance and, here at ALIGNED, since day one, commercial insurance has been our sole and dedicated focus. 

Because we strive to deliver more than just insurance, we regularly add new content to our website about the most popular commercial insurance coverages in Canada. Our insurance insights are relevant for any sized business, be it a small to medium sized organization or a major corporation. 

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If you want a dedicated commercial insurance broker, now’s the time to get aligned. From our Toronto corporate head office to Vancouver to Calgary to our Cambridge national operations centre, we are here to deliver expert commercial insurance advice. You can find an ALIGNED commercial insurance broker online and by picking a location.

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