Best Cannabis Company Insurance In Canada 

How to get the best cannabis company coverage: Business Insurance Canada

Are you ready to start up a new business and search for the best cannabis company insurance in Canada? If you are, you’ve landed on the right page. From coast to coast to coast, it seems like everyone is putting down roots to build a marijuana related business.

Legal cannabis has got a lot of entrepreneurs thinking up creative new business ideas.

While cannabis presents a lot of potential for new and established businesses, it is important to know that, from a commercial insurance perspective, a cannabis company is not part of the standard insurance placement process. In fact, so far only a limited number of Canadian insurance companies are presently underwriting the very specific risks associated with cannabis businesses.

Big Potential Risks. The Best Cannabis Company Insurance Options

Some of the common risks that a cannabis company will likely face include:

  • Inventory spoilage as well as high fire potential
  • Accidental and inadvertent misinterpretation of Canadian cannabis laws and regulations
  • High inventory value and high exposure to potential business interruption risks
  • and more…

Find The Best Cannabis Company Insurance In Canada

We can help get your business rolling. Experienced ALIGNED insurance brokers understand the risks that cannabis businesses face and can confirm the best insurance options for your Canadian cannabis company.

Simply download and complete this business interruption worksheet and statement of values.

If your cannabis company also grows marijuana, we will ask you to also complete a marijuana growers insurance application.

What Does The Best Cannabis Company Insurance In Canada Cost? 

How much insurance coverage will cost for your cannabis company depends on a number of factors. For instance, is it a retail outlet, online, or a combination of both?  To secure the best coverage for your cannabis company you need a knowledgeable insurance broker who has access to the new, yet limited marketplace in Canada. Across the country, ALIGNED insurance brokers can help you access the best cannabis insurance options.

From Halifax to Victoria, we take pride in helping our clients get aligned with the best cannabis company insurance products, services and options.

To get cannabis company retail insurance in Canada connect with one of our Canadian Insurance brokers today at 1-866-287-0448

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