Baby Product Liability Insurance In Canada

Baby Product Liability Insurance In Canada

Manufacturers of baby products must rely on baby product liability insurance to keep them in business. Your company has made its commitments to health and safety, and you work to produce quality products. Nevertheless, no business owner can oversee every product that comes down the line. Whether you manufacture your products in Canada or overseas, you are liable for accidents or injuries. At ALIGNED Insurance we help companies like yours find insurance packages that fit your business. We work to ensure that your company has coverage for any liability risks you face. When accidents happen, it’s up to your insurance to help your company stay afloat. Don’t let an honest mistake take your business under. Call ALIGNED Insurance at tel:18662870448 for help today.

Kushies is a Canadian owned company who does half of their manufacturing in Canada. They abide by their social responsibility for safe and fair work both in Canada and overseas. Kushies was founded in Stoney Creek Ontario in 1953 as a doll clothing manufacturer. Today, they still run the majority of their business in Stoney Creek and offer a wide range of baby accessories. Manufacturers like Kushies must have product liability insurance in order to stay in business through generations. They have a growing company that has lasted decades. It’s up to your insurance company to help your business make the same mark. You want to be able to grow your business without fear. ALIGNED Insurance can help with that.

What Is Product Liability Insurance?

Baby product liability insurance in Canada offers coverage for defective or malfunctioning products. When it comes to liability insurance, we’re usually talking about harm that has come from a defective product. For example, a malfunctioning toy that causes harm to a baby might also come with an extensive lawsuit. Even if your company is not directly responsible for this defect, you may still be liable based on the chain of sale. If you have baby product liability insurance in Canada, your insurance company will help pay for legal costs associated with a lawsuit. This is important because a lawsuit like this can be extremely costly. You don’t want one accident to take your business under.

Baby product liability insurance in Canada also offers coverage for misprinted warning labels. For example, if a label fails to warn for a peanut allergy and a baby has an allergic reaction, your insurance company can help. While situations like this might seem far-fetched, it’s just not possible for you to anticipate these kinds of situations. No matter how involved you are in your manufacturing, you can’t read every label and test every product.

Customized Insurance For Your Business

Baby product liability insurance in Canada should be customized to your company. The products you manufacture and how they’re made is different from other manufacturers. If you want to be sure that your insurance company will help with any accidents, you need customized insurance. The scope of your liability insurance may differ based on where you manufacture goods. It’s also important to take into consideration what types of products you sell. Food and body products often have a higher risk of producing liability claims. If a food or body product is mislabeled or defective, the cost of a lawsuit may be higher.

Parental Concerns

Parents want to know that they can trust the products your company makes. Baby product liability lawsuits can be costly both from a legal standpoint and for public image. If parents feel they can trust and recommend your products, your company will grow. Don’t let a defective product be the end of your company’s success.

How To Get Product Liability Insurance

At ALIGNED Insurance we search through the 65+ top insurance companies in Canada to find the baby product liability insurance that fits your business. We can help you find the insurance company that offers the coverage you need. Whether you manufacture in Canada or overseas, we can help you find the right package.

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