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Amazon sellers know Canadians are buying online from Canadian businesses in record numbers. According to the 2022 Amazon Canada SMB Impact Report, in 2021, “Canadian selling partners averaged over $85,000 USD in annual sales, an increase of more than 13%” 1. It’s important to note that most Amazon third-party sellers are small- and medium-sized businesses.

Here are some additional statistics from the 2022 Amazon Canada SMB Impact Report:

  • “There were over 41,000 Canadian third-party sellers on Amazon
  • Over 100 million+ products were sold (more than 200 every minute)
  • More than 1,000 Canadian selling partners had over $500,000 USD in sales, up 15% year over year”2

If you are selling on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, you’ve landed on the right page. Hundreds of Amazon sellers choose ALIGNED because we’re one of Canada’s leading insurance brokerages. We are also employee-owned, fiercely independent, and work with 65+ top insurance companies, all of which are federally regulated and carry an S&P A- &/or AM Best A- or better financial rating. Our Ontario, Alberta, and BC licensed business insurance experts are here to help!

Exclusive products and pricing for Amazon Retailers that’s guaranteed to meet insurance requirements

Thanks to our negotiating skills, relationships, and significant volume, we have insurance products and pricing exclusive to ALIGNED and 100% guaranteed to satisfy Amazon’s rigid insurance requirements. Whether you sell books, e-bikes, sports equipment, or pretty much anything/everything in between, we can get you insured!

Don’t be misled by coverage that doesn’t meet the Amazon Seller Insurance Canada requirements…

Unfortunately, we’re hearing that some American players are encouraging Canadian businesses to purchase a U.S. Employer Identification Number (EIN) and a U.S. mailing address to secure “cheap” Amazon seller insurance coverage. U.S. insurance products are not licensed in Canada. Misrepresentation puts Canadian business owners at serious risk. Here’s why…

1. The CRA requires you to pay Canadian taxes on the purchase of any unlicensed insurance product. As a result, Canadian individuals and companies are required to report and register the purchase of unlicensed insurance to the CRA. If you are considering purchasing an unlicensed U.S. insurance product, speak with the CRA or a CPA first, as failing to pay taxes is effectively considered tax evasion.

2. American insurance companies and agents are highly regulated and licensed on a state-by-state basis. Legislation and insurance company contracts require state-licensed agents and brokers to only work with individuals and companies within their state. This means that selling insurance to individuals or companies based elsewhere – such as Canada – can result in insurer contracts being cancelled and/or claims being denied for misrepresentation.

3. Getting an insurance claim and/or legal expenses paid is complex and highly regulated. If, after considering all things, you still want to explore U.S.-based insurance, please at least make sure you contact the insurance company’s underwriter and claims department. Request written confirmation of their specific policies, procedures, and process for defending a Canadian company or individual that purchases an EIN and US address solely for the purpose of securing cheaper insurance…

Sell on Amazon, Wayfair, eBay, Shopify, Etsy or another online retail platform? You need to carry insurance. If you have an Amazon business earning $10,000+ in monthly sales, you are required by Amazon to have to have proper insurance.

When you need online retailer liability insurance coverage, we’re ready to help. Now more than ever, e-commerce is essential. You’ve built an online business, and new insurance requirements can be frustrating. Despite the pain of needing to purchase insurance coverage to continue selling on Amazon and/or other platforms, your business still needs the best protection. This is why we’re proud to deliver coverage that’s 100% guaranteed to align with Amazon’s strict insurance requirements. Get proper protection for your business and livelihood. Contact a fully licensed ALIGNED business insurance broker now to get Amazon online retailer coverage that you can rely on.

If you also have a brick-and-mortar shop or require additional business insurance coverages, you can also rely on ALIGNED Insurance. We can help you with product liability insurance, commercial liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and much more.

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