ALIGNED Volunteers Build With Habitat For Humanity Waterloo Region

ALIGNED Volunteers Build With Habitat For Humanity Waterloo Region

On Wednesday, May 24th, 2017, four ALIGNED advocates spent a day building with Habitat For Humanity Waterloo Region. This event came together thanks to an opportunity identified by Joan Schwegel, finance manager and owner.

Joan Schwegel shares, “I’ve always wanted to volunteer with Habitat and brought this idea forward to my colleagues. They were as excited as I was to take part in a local build event not far from our National Operations Headquarters in Waterloo.” She was joined at the Kehl Street, Kitchener worksite by Darlene Alves, assistant advocate and owner; Sally Commandant, advocate and owner and Laura Van Vliet, assistant vice president and owner.

Photo Gallery: See the ALIGNED Insurance team and Google Canada volunteers hard at work

Team leaders with Habitat For Humanity Waterloo Region gave the ALIGNED volunteers detailed guidance before they got started. Joan notes, “They make it very easy to get involved. You simply sign up for a work day and Habitat leaders give you orientation and safety lessons before putting you to work. They provide safety boots as well as hard hats.”

Habitat For Humanity Waterloo Region – How They Help

Sally Commandant comments, “Spending the day as a Habitat For Humanity Waterloo Region volunteer was both an amazing experience as well as very rewarding. We know that not only did we help build a home but also hope and community for a local family.”

“Established in 1988, Habitat For Humanity Waterloo Region (HFHWR) is a non-profit housing organization working to break the cycle of poverty by building simple, decent and affordable homes for hard-working, low-income families. This is all due to the love and support of volunteers and community partners. Focused on providing a hand up and not a hand out, HFHWR partners with families who are willing volunteer 250 hours, per adult, of ‘sweat equity,’ and will repay a zero-down payment, interest-free mortgage.”1

Laura Van Vliet shares, “The townhomes we helped with are in various stages of completion. Volunteers have the opportunity to help with painting, siding, framing or foundation work.” And Darlene Alves notes, “What makes volunteering so fulfilling is the fact that you get to roll up your sleeves and help create something that will have a truly lasting impact.”

ALIGNED With Social Responsibility

We believe that it is a privilege to handle our clients’ insurance needs and that it is our social responsibility to help others in a number of ways.

Andrew Clark, president and CEO shares, “Habitat For Humanity Waterloo Region works to break the cycle of poverty by helping people achieve the dream of homeownership. In Waterloo and around the world, Habitat builds homes, hope and communities. On behalf of the ALIGNED team, we’re thrilled to partner with Habitat For Humanity Waterloo Region for one of our annual days of volunteering.”

Helping with our hearts and our hands is an important part of ALIGNED’s focus on social responsibility. We believe in leading by example. Each year, every staff member spends two days volunteering. This program also enables ALIGNED team members to partner with specific organizations that they are passionate about supporting.

Learn more about our social responsibility program.

Source: 1 Habitat For Humanity Waterloo Region

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