ALIGNED Brokers Proudly Support Lupus Canada

ALIGNED Brokers Proudly Support Lupus Canada

ALIGNED Insurance believes that it is a privilege to handle our clients’ insurance needs and that it is our corporate social responsibility to give generously and regularly to support the great work charitable and non-profits organizations do every day across Canada.

As part of our commitment to give regularly, every month an ALIGNED Broker selects a Canadian charity of their choice and ALIGNED makes a donation to that organization on their behalf. In recognition of the great work they do, Kristen Snider has selected the Lupus Canada for the month of January, 2018.

More About Lupus Canada

“Formed in 1987 through the association of Canadian lupus organizations, Lupus Canada was federally registered as a non-profit charity in February 1988 and was incorporated in March 1989 with the objectives of encouraging cooperation among the lupus organizations in Canada and promoting public awareness and general education about lupus.” Their overall vision is to see Lupus eliminated across Canada.

Lupus Canada aims to inform and educate the public about what lupus is, so that Canadians can better support individuals living with it. Public Awareness of Lupus has grown through the development of various informational campaigns. They also support research to find causes, cures and treatment of lupus.

“Lupus Canada is a national voluntary organization dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by lupus through research, public awareness, advocacy and education.”

Lupus Canada recruits and trains volunteers; they “are the heart of Lupus Canada, delivering support, resources and energy to assist in their efforts to support people living with lupus.” Lupus Canada maintains a very strong focus on provincial and national volunteer recruitment so as to allow individuals to apply their skills to aid Canadians living with lupus.

Source: Lupus Canada

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