Your Guide to Speech Pathologist Insurance

Your Guide to Speech Pathologist Insurance

According to the Prince Edward Island Speech and Hearing Association, roughly 4% of Canadian preschool-aged children have significant problems with their speech or language . In your role as a speech-language pathologist, you have the important job of helping your patients with speech disorders to communicate effectively. But along with all the good you do, there are a lot of professional risks you take on as a part of your job.

You can protect yourself and your business by taking out top-notch speech pathologist insurance. 

Speech Pathologist Insurance
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1. Professional Liability Insurance Policy

Speech pathologists often find themselves working with patients who have all sorts of challenges and some arrive in difficult circumstances. Some may be recovering from head trauma while others may be victims of abuse or suffering from serious medical conditions. 

Even when you’ve done everything you can as far as diagnosis and treatment, parents and loved ones can have unreasonable expectations or you may overlook an issue that eventually gets you named in a lawsuit. Professional liability insurance can give you coverage for situations where you’re accused of negligence.

2. Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy

When you’re working out of a clinic, office, or if you’re offering home-based speech therapy services, you learn pretty quickly that anything can happen.

Patients can trip and fall on a wet floor or an exposed cable. And because many of your patients may be children, the effects of an accident on a head injury or a neurological condition can be difficult to predict. 

Commercial general liability offers coverage for bodily injuries and property damage sustained by third parties. This makes it a useful insurance option for speech pathologists who operate out of a physical location.

3. Commercial Property Insurance Coverage

When it comes to offering speech therapy services, you likely have several devices and products that you rely on to diagnose and treat the health of your patients. For your clinic, that list of equipment may include items like tongue depressors, facial and jaw exercisers, and cameras.

Commercial property insurance may allow you to get coverage if an insured peril damages your work equipment.

Here’s Why You Should Hire an Aligned Broker for Your Speech Pathologist Insurance Needs

As a speech therapist, you already know a thing or two about how working with a trained professional is sometimes necessary to drive results. It isn’t easy to put together an insurance package when you’re working on it by yourself. Consider working with an insurance company that understands your business needs.

When you work with ALIGNED, you’re working with a broker who will do a proper assessment of your needs so that you get the coverage you need. 

Get your FREE speech pathologist insurance quote today. 

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