Why Buy Insurance From An Insurance Broker In Canada?

Like a lot of industries, the insurance industry is deeply rooted in tradition and now experiencing considerable change as well as disruption. This is driven by people asking tough questions about their user experience as well as the value they receive from the various players who participate in the insurance industry. One of the toughest questions that needs to be asked and answered is “Why Buy Insurance From An Insurance Broker In Canada?”

One Answer To: “Why Buy Insurance From An Insurance Broker In Canada?”

Despite what modern marketing efforts of agent-based insurance companies and direct writing insurers would lead you to believe, insurance is complex and complicated.  Everything from the insurance buying process, insurance products, the claims process and identifying what the right insurance products are for your current needs takes experience and expertise which is why almost all organizations and most people still buy insurance from an insurance broker in Canada. In addition to the fact that there is considerable complexity within the existing insurance industry there is also considerable, rapid and constant change happening within the insurance industry as well as in the external business, social, political and economic environments.

Many people buy insurance from an insurance broker in Canada as they want and value someone who understands how changes (e.g. legislative, legal, industry etc.) might impact the type of insurance needed or desired. When you buy insurance from an insurance broker at ALIGNED Insurance you know you are buying a product from an expert that specializes in business insurance and commercial insurance to ensure your organization is protected properly and in the most cost effective way possible.

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