Where To Buy Commercial Insurance in Ottawa

Ready to expand or set up shop as a commercial business in Ottawa? The market in Ottawa is hot for commercial business right now. While in general, real estate markets in Canada are cooling, Point 2 Homes sees Ottawa be an exception. “In fact, the sales to new listings ratio—a metric for judging the amount of demand in a real estate market—showed an 8.8% increase from February 2018 to February 2019, in contrast to a -2.4% decline across Canada as a whole.”

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Why Ottawa is the Choice for Commercial Business Right Now.

People who live and work in Ottawa are enjoying a robust economy. Point 2 Homes notes, “the strength of Ottawa’s property market is helped by the stability of its job market: Many people are employed by the government and in the thriving high-tech sector, ensuring a high average standard of living and low unemployment.”

And with a booming economy comes a demand for commercial real estate for Ottawa businesses that are growing and expanding. Finding commercial property in the capital isn’t easy.

Specifically, Ottawa Business Journal cites a recent CBRE report that finds, “Space-hungry tenants snapped up a net total of more than 200,000 square feet of real estate in Ottawa’s red-hot office market in the first quarter of 2019, driving the local vacancy rate down half a percentage point to 7.5 percent.”3

Growing Your Business? Here’s Where to Buy Commercial Insurance in Ottawa.

If you are investing in Ottawa as a home for your start-up, new business or commercial expansion you are likely also on the outlook for resources and support services, such as commercial business insurance in Ottawa.

There are many things to look at when you are about to launch or grow your business. This article breaks down some of the things to think about when you search “buy commercial insurance in Ottawa” online.

Insights | What are the Most Popular Commercial Insurance Products in Canada?

First and foremost, you need to get your basics covered. And when it comes to commercial business insurance in Ottawa, six of the most fundamental products you should be looking at include:

  • Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance
  • Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance
  • Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance

Each of the links above can help you learn more about these foundational commercial insurance coverages. When you are looking to buy commercial insurance for your Ottawa business, our experienced commercial insurance brokers in Ottawa can help you not only access the best products but also understand what products and services will best suit your particular business.

A few popular commercial insurance coverages we get Ottawa businesses aligned with are also listed below:

  1. Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance
  2. Commercial Auto Insurance
  3. Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance
  4. Office Insurance
  5. Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Insurance
  6. Real Estate Insurance
  7. Retail Insurance

Can you buy Commercial Insurance online with ALIGNED? Yes, we offer online products.

When you buy commercial insurance for your Ottawa business you may also be on the outlook for simple, easy and straightforward online commercial business products and services. Making the insurance process easier is something that we excel at and why we offer a number of business insurance products online.

Here are a few of our most popular commercial business insurance in Ottawa products that you can get online now:

In addition to the above business insurance products, you can also get professional, specialty & industry-specific insurance quotes online now. Here are the links:

Buying Commercial Insurance for your Ottawa small business

We know small businesses. Across Ottawa, Ontario and Canada, we know that commitment, sacrifice and good old-fashioned hard work are what’s needed to get a business started. Like so many other Canadian small businesses, ALIGNED Insurance began as an entrepreneurial dream. From coast-to-coast-to-coast, we know what it takes to build, grow and succeed as a small business.

That’s why our expert team of experienced small business insurance brokers knows what types of liability insurance products are most important for small businesses. ALIGNED brokers also know about what other types of insurance are most needed by small businesses. As you look to secure commercial general liability insurance for any size of business in Ottawa, contact us to get ALIGNED with more options.

Commercial Insurance – Get ALIGNED In Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Cambridge & Beyond

It doesn’t matter where your commercial business is located in Canada. We deliver a different insurance experience for all of the Canadian businesses we support.

Every day, we take pride in aligning the best commercial insurance products and services, including liability insurance in Ottawa, to meet the specific needs of a particular business. Our team knows that the most important thing we do is actively support Canadian business.

If you are ready to work with an insurance team that is dedicated to business and liability insurance in Ottawa, it’s time to get aligned. We invite you to work with us to get your commercial insurance Ottawa quote aligned today.


What exactly does an Ottawa Insurance Broker do?

Ottawa insurance brokers work for clients in the Ottawa area and act as the middlemen between the clients and the insurance providers. Commercial Insurance brokers in Ottawa typically partner with insurance providers to offer multiple insurance packages that are affordable and comprehensive.

As experts in the insurance market, insurance brokers assess your unique commercial insurance needs and, based on your situation, find the most suited insurance policies and rates. This allows you to easily compare information and prices to find a commercial insurance policy that you want.

Why use an Insurance Broker to get insured in Ottawa?

Insurance brokers can help you simplify the commercial insurance experience. Because insurance brokers work for you and not the insurance providers, they can help you better compare different rates and policies to get you the best rates and conditions.

Ottawa insurance brokers provide unbiased answers and guidance to help you meet your commercial insurance needs. If you’re new to commercial business insurance products in Ottawa or have complicated needs, our insurance brokers are happy to guide you.

How Is An Insurance Broker Different From An Agent?

The main difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent is that the agent represents the insurance company. An insurance agent may be a sales or customer service representative that works for the insurance provider. They have extensive knowledge about the commercial insurance products and conditions of their company and are bound to the offerings they have, regardless of what your specific needs are.

An insurance broker represents the clients that are looking for commercial liability insurance in Ottawa. Brokers don’t have contractual obligations with any one insurance provider. The benefit of using an insurance broker is that the broker can reach out to as many insurance providers on your behalf to find you the best rates, especially when seeking liability insurance in Ottawa, ensuring comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs.

How Much Does An Ottawa Insurance Broker Cost?

Working with an Ottawa insurance broker doesn’t cost you anything. Whether you’re simply researching commercial insurance products or comparing the best rates, you can compare premiums with free, zero-obligation quotes.

When you’re ready to purchase your policy, all you have to do is contact the commercial insurance broker in Ottawa and provide us with your information.

How Much Is Commercial Property Insurance In Ontario?

It mostly depends on the coverage limit you choose and the value of your commercial property. Typically, higher insurance limits and lower deductibles mean you pay more for property insurance each month. Commercial properties with higher values are also more expensive to insure, because damages will cost more for the insurance company to repair or compensate.

For a small business, you can expect to pay around $650 each year for a basic general liability insurance policy. Larger companies will have to pay more.

What Kind Of Insurance Does A Small Business Need To Carry In Ottawa?

While it’s not mandatory for a small business to carry commercial business insurance in Ottawa, we highly recommend that you have a comprehensive policy.

General liability insurance and product liability insurance is important regardless of the type of business you have. General liability insurance protects your business against third-party claims of injury or property damage on your premises. Product liability insurance protects your business against third-party claims of injury or property damage relating to the products you sell, distribute, or manufacture. It’s typically included in most general liability policies.

Speak with an insurance specialist to determine which policy works best for you.

What does a commercial insurance policy cover in Ottawa?

It depends on the type of insurance policy you have. Most commercial policies, especially when obtained through commercial insurance brokers in Ottawa, include general liability insurance and product liability insurance, crucial components of liability insurance in Ottawa. Other policies typically include commercial auto insurance, property insurance, equipment breakdown insurance, and professional liability insurance.

Each type of insurance protects your business against specific risks you might encounter during operations. Working with commercial insurance brokers in Ottawa helps you mitigate financial loss in the event of a third-party claim or insured peril, as they can tailor liability insurance in Ottawa and other coverages to your business’s unique needs. You can include different types of insurance and coverage limits to your policy.

How long are commercial insurance policies in Ottawa?

Most commercial insurance policies are annual from the date you purchase the policy. You can choose to renew or cancel the plan when at the plan’s expiration date. If you choose to cancel the plan before it expires, there might be cancellation fees.

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