Surety Bond: What is it?

What is a surety bond?

A surety bond is a promise or guarantee backed by a surety company.

How is a surety bond different from an insurance policy?

Insurance is a two party contract between the insured and the insurer (insurance company).  The point of this contract is a promise that the insured will be compensated by the insurance company if a covered loss occurs.

A surety bond is a three party contractual agreement between a Principal, Obligee and Surety.

  • Principal is the individual or business that purchases the surety bond to guarantee their future work performance.
  • Obligee is the entity that is requesting the surety bond; to reduce the likelihood of financial loss.
  • The final party to the agreement is the Surety, which is the company that provides the financial guarantee if the principal fails to fulfill the set task.

A surety bond arrangement is a guarantee that if the obligation of the principal is not fulfilled, the obligee can recover its losses from the surety per the terms and conditions of the surety bond in place.

How do I secure a surety bond?

If an entity is requesting you to provide a surety bond, please contact an ALIGNED Insurance Advocate or connect with us at today.

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