Personal Support Workers Insurance

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Personal Support Workers Insurance
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What is Personal Support Workers Insurance?

Personal support workers insurance is a type of insurance designed to protect front-line healthcare professionals, such as respite care workers or patient services associates, from the risks that come with doing their jobs. Personal support workers make invaluable contributions to the health and well-being of Canadians across the country and are the backbone of our healthcare system. They deserve and need to be protected, the same way other regulated professions are. 

Is Personal Support Workers Insurance required?

A personal support worker is not an occupation listed under the Regulated Health Professional Act in Canada. Therefore, personal support workers insurance is not a legal requirement in Canada. As a result, some personal support workers do not have this type of insurance, which opens them up to the many risks that come with doing their jobs, such as potential liability for injuries their clients incur or property damage. For example, if you are making lunch for an elderly patient in their home and forget to turn the stove off, resulting in a fire that damages the kitchen, you might have to pay for these repairs out-of-pocket. But with comprehensive personal support workers insurance, you’ll be covered for property damage caused to a clients home and against a whole host of risks.

What are the benefits of Personal Support Workers Insurance?

The benefit of personal support workers insurance is that it can protect you in the event you are liable for bodily injury or property damage caused to a third party during the course of working with clients and providing associated services. An insurance policy will prevent you from falling into financial hardship when faced with a lawsuit or other incident. 

Who is Personal Support Workers Insurance for?

Personal support workers insurance is suitable for a wide range of occupations in the healthcare industry. Personal attendants, health care aides, respite care workers, visiting homemakers, supportive care assistants, palliative care workers, and patient services associates may all benefit from personal support workers insurance. 

What type of coverage do I need as a personal support worker?

The type of coverage you need as a personal support worker depends on the type of personal support worker you are and the unique risks you face on a daily basis. Some of the most common coverages including in personal support worker insurance policies are as follows:

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