Insurance for Transporting Goods

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Insurance for Transporting Goods
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What Is Insurance for Transporting Goods?

Insurance for transporting goods, often referred to as cargo insurance, freight insurance, or transport insurance, is designed to protect goods from damage while in transit or while being loaded, unloaded or stored somewhere before reaching their final delivery place. This way, your business won’t have to focus on the safety of the goods once they leave your hands. Instead, you can rest easy knowing you’re financially protected no matter what happens during transport. There are typically multiple types of transport insurance available to businesses, depending on the mode of transportation. For example, land freight insurance is for goods travelling by train or truck, air freight insurance is for goods travelling by airplane, and sea freight insurance is for goods travelling by ships, but all technically types of Cargo/Marine insurance.

What Does Insurance for Transporting Goods Cover?

As mentioned above, transport insurance aims to cover risks pertaining to the transport of goods. Coverage varies by policy, depending on which coverage types and limits you purchase. Comprehensive freight insurance typically includes all-risks coverage, which protects the shipper’s goods in the event that they are damaged (due to an accident, incorrect handling, etc.), stolen or lost. 

ALIGNED specializes in customized transport insurance solutions.

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