Home Insurance For Rental Property

If you own a rental or income property, rental property insurance can help protect you against a whole host of unforeseen circumstances, events and situations. Get comprehensive and specialized home insurance for your rental property from ALIGNED Insurance. We are experts in all things rental property insurance, which means we can help you find a policy in no time. We know the ins and outs of the industry and have already partnered with 70+ of Canada’s top insurance companies. To safeguard your real estate investment, ALIGNED is here.

Home Insurance for Rental Property
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What is home insurance for rental properties?

Home insurance for rental properties, otherwise known as rental propety insurance, landlord insurance, or income property insurance, protects not only the property but also your source of income plus typically liability associated with having tenants. Homeowners can protect themselves against the unexpected should something go wrong with their rental property. If your furniture is stolen, if your front porch is damaged in a windstorm, or if your tenant can’t live in the rental due to unforseen damage caused by an insured peril or slips and falls in the shower and sues you…rental insurance can help cover the costs. 

What does rental propert/landlord insurance cover?

Owning a rental property can be risky – unless you have rental property aka landlord insurance, that is. Landlord insurance policies vary depending on the insurance provider and the level of coverage you choose. However, many policies include the following types of coverage: 

  • Rented dwelling/property coverage
  • Landlord’s belongings coverage
  • Loss of rental income coverage
  • Liability coverage from the tenants and others

If your rental insurance policy includes the above types of coverage then you may be protected against damage to your property (the rented dwelling and any detached structures), damage to the landlord’s personal belongings (furniture, appliances, etc.), loss of rental income if your tenant is unable to live in the property due to insured loss or damage, and damage or injury to the tenant and/or someone else on the property. 

Additional landlord insurance coverages that might be available for purchase include:

  • Sewer backup coverage
  • Overland water coverage 
  • Damage caused by tenants

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