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Navigating the Insurance Landscape for a Digital Asset Company

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, owning a digital asset company presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. As the owner of a blockchain, cryptocurrency, or digital asset company, you are at the forefront of technological innovation. However, this cutting-edge position also exposes your business to a distinct set of risks, particularly in the realms of cybercrime, operations & goverance. This is where the importance of quality business insurance comes into play.

A digital asset company operates in a complex environment. The very nature of digital assets, with their reliance on technology and the internet, makes them potential targets for cybercriminals. Cyber threats can take many forms, from hacking and data breaches to ransomware attacks. These cyber risks can lead to significant financial losses, reputational damage, and operational disruptions.

Moreover, the regulatory landscape for digital assets is continually evolving, adding another layer of complexity to the risk profile of a digital asset company. Non-compliance with regulatory requirements can result in hefty fines and legal penalties.

In light of these risks, having robust business insurance coverage is not just an option for a digital asset company; it’s a necessity. A comprehensive insurance policy can provide financial protection against a range of risks, including cyber threats, regulatory non-compliance, and other operational risks.

This is where ALIGNED Insurance comes in. As a leading provider of business insurance solutions, ALIGNED Insurance understands the unique risk profile of a digital asset company. We offer tailored insurance policies designed to meet the specific needs of businesses operating in the digital asset space.

Our team of insurance professionals works closely with you to understand your business operations, identify potential risks, and design an insurance policy that provides optimal coverage. We leverage our industry expertise and partnerships with top insurance carriers to offer you quality coverage at an affordable rate.

At ALIGNED Insurance, we believe in empowering businesses to navigate the digital landscape and future with confidence. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your digital asset company is protected against unforeseen risks.

FAQ About Insurance for Digital Asset Companies:

What is Insurance for digital asset companies?

Insurance for digital asset companies is a type of commercial insurance designed to protect companies operating in the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital asset arena from risk. Some of the most common risks that digital asset companies face are securities claims, technology risks, governance, security concerns surrounding digital assets and currency, and regulatory oversight and compliance requirements. 

What types of coverage does a digital asset company need?

The coverage you need for your digital asset business depends on your unique circumstances, operations and budget. The size, revenue, and services offered by your business can all influence what coverage types and limits you will benefit from. Below is a list of some of the most common types of insurance coverage that blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital asset companies take advantage of. 

  • Errors & omissions insurance: Safeguard your business against catastrophic loss with errors & omissions insurance. This type of insurance coverage will protect your company in the event that a lawsuit alleging an act of negligence, error, or omission that resulted in a customer experience a financial loss is brought against your organization.  In some cases, errors & omissions insurance may also protect you against slander, libel, copyright infringements, and breach of contract. This coverage should not be confused with cost of corrections coverage which is specialized and challenging coverage for digital asset companies to secure.
  • Directors & officers liability insurance: Directors & officers liability insurance protects directors, officers, and their companies if sued for allegations of wrongful acts that are in breach of their fiduciary duties. Ex. acting in your personal best interests instead of the corporations best interest. There are coverage options for both private and public companies. No matter which you need, you will be protected if a covered allegation of a breach of fiduciary duty or duty of care occurs. Examples of breaches that can lead to lawsuits include conflicts of interest, taking personal advantage of a corporate opportunity, or competing with the company to its detriment. 
  • Cyber liability insurance: Your digital asset company is in the business of storing confidential information and valuable assets in a digital format which makes your company a prime target for cyber criminals. Thus, cyber liability insurance is definitely highly recommended and needs to be considered. With this type of insurance coverage, you will be protected from many things as the products are modular and some key risks that are typically covered include a hacker stealing your company’s private information or assets, being sued for the release of confidential information, shut down due to a breach or ransomware etc.

What type of digital asset companies need insurance?

Regardless of size any digital asset or blockchain companies that want to protect themselves against common risks that are constant threats to companies of all sizes risks should purchase insurance. Whether you are a Digital Asset Custodian, Custody Tech Providers (e.g. custody infrastructure providers) or Institutional Asset Holders (e.g. banks, institutional investors, digital asset managers, family offices, etc.) all organizations that handle or are involved with digital assets need to consider insurance.

ALIGN your digital asset company with commercial insurance

Protect your company the best way you know how – with insurance designed for digital asset companies. ALIGNED specializes in dynamic and customized insurance solutions. We will find a policy that meets your business’s unique needs in no time.  

Contact ALIGNED to get started today. You can also click here for a free quote!.

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