Commercial Business Insurance

Commercial Business Insurance

Commercial business insurance is one of those things that most businesses need, but don’t really want. Commercial business insurance is often called a regret purchase, a necessary evil and even a racket by some. All of these descriptions seem a bit unfair, given that it’s a something that it there to help, but it is also true that a commercial business insurance policy will never:

  • Bring you joy.
  • Make you smile.
  • Warm your heart.
  • Satiate your craving and/or desire.
  • It will never go on sale or be cheaper if you wait until Black Friday and/or Boxing Day.
  • Be placed in an attractive package that you display proudly in your home and/or office.
  • Be the most desirable gift in the secret Santa game.
  • Make you more desirable by having it and/or talking about it.
  • Be the most interesting topic of conversation at a cocktail party and/or dinner party.

Despite the many things that commercial business insurance won’t do there are many things that it will, or can, do that make it incredibly valuable to business owners. For further context insurance is purchased or protects almost every person in Canada in some way and the Canadian property & casualty insurance industry and Canadians spend nearly $50 Billion on insurance each year. That number will continue to grow with increased GDP, extreme weather events, increased litigation etc. Some of the reasons that the Canadian insurance marketplace and commercial business insurance is so popular amongst business owners are as follows:

  • Insurance provides access to capital to help deal with unforeseen and often significant financial events.
  • Insurance gives business owners and employees the comfort needed to take on risk.
  • Insurance provides access to industry leading experts to help guide and/or manage things when bad things happen.
  • Can save your business from insolvency or bankruptcy.
  • Is a tool to help your business contract and conduct business with others.
  • Is typically the most cost effective risk management option available.

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